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The Church

What is a pretender? It is one that is outwardly as well as inwardly claiming to be that in which they know is not their true nature based on their more actual love, interest, character and attitude toward each interest.

The greater interest and love of an individual will be afforded the greater amount of time. That is, time sinning vs. spiritual righteousness. Yet, greater afforded time does not in itself take away pretending, because afforded set time is also allowed for pretending. Most do this every Sunday. It’s called, “crowd participation habits” or cultural traditions.”

Many pretenders actually think they can afford God and the Devil an equal amount of time. When such is done or thought of being done one is saying to God that they see  Satan in their life as needed just as much as Jesus. Why not both? The sinner see no wrong! Such disrespect of the creator clearly show the pretentious nature of the pretender as calculating and testy.

God state, “you cannot have two masters. You will love one and hate the other“. This is true of the sinful nature that’s controlling the pretender. Saying one love the Lord and attend churches but spread discourse, hate, envy, lust, lying, even cannot control their verbal language, hiding dirt behind closed doors are all pretenders with the intent to try an deceive God.


Who are pretenders when it come to living the word of God? It is those saying and foolishly thinking they are Christians simply because of an involvement and passing on false teaching.

False teaching has convinced pretenders over a long period of time that the requirements and conditions of God through Jesus, has, over time, changed or God has relaxed his authoritative will over man so as to please the self interest of man because changing times  in a modern world.

How does this work in the life of a pretender? Well, a pretender know they are not to commit fornication, shack with others or have sex out of wedlock, for example, but they do it and worship God at the same time as though he will over look their sins because of their duties and works within a building.

Breakdown of a pretender…

A pretender rush to worldly night clubs or enjoy and help promote un-Godly music through charities and other ventures. Promote Satan, then say thank you Jesus for helping involve them or you in it as though God is now a rock an roll follower or hip hop promoter.

A pretender will talk about you behind your back. Run after another’s husband, boy or girlfriend. They Gossip and run and tell things they do not know to be a fact. Yet, all the while  knowing or have plans to attend church on a set aside day for forgiveness.

A pretender can’t wait to get out of church, which is weird. How can one go to Church then get out of church?  This can only be done if the church is false.   But to continue, people get out of church and can’t wait to hit the old bottle or can of soothing brew to take the edge off while contemplating some evil thoughts of mischief.

A pretender is one that cannot worship God in spirit because they cannot tell the difference between a lie and a truth. They are cowards against God. They believe in live and let live. I tend to my own business, they say.


I know you have heard many time the phrase “war warriors for God.” These are the make up of hundred of thousands of churches in the United States and millions around the world.

Churches ruled or pastured by powerful ministers, they think, that command thousands of people to their concerts, programs, seminars and conventions.

Many people rush out to hear them and even claim their up most love for them even though they have done nothing for God, but corrupted most people and turned them toward their true father, “Satan.”

The truth being the truth and no one can deny the truth or the truth I am about to present, let my truth say this:

Pretenders wear robes of saints posing as saints, yet, wolves in sheep clothing. Pretenders are followers that run toward the wolf, thus, becoming trapped within it rapid chewing jaws and paws that draw them closer inward to them.

But lets look at the false prophet first, the Evangelical that flocks flock toward and to them.

An eye opening question must be asked about these speakers. It is, “if actual sin as taught by Jesus and his disciples was actually taught as written, would there be huge large crowds attending Evangelical’s conventions or seminars? The answer is NO!

Yet, we know that all manor of people by the thousands attend. These run from all kinds of sin, yet, all are welcome by the speaker, and no efforts are made either inside local churches, major churches or even on social medias, like television, to advise sinners that if they are still sinners after learning the truth of how not to be one but still remain a sinner, they are wasting their time to keep coming to their programs. That their serving is fruitless in serving God.

Yet, all that attend any of these services believe they are Christians, even with their bad habits, or they would not be running to go there to hear certain false prophets and evangelicals speak often.

But this mix gathering is how the speaker make money. They don’t care who come. The say let God sort them out! They want do anything to scare the money away. They keep quiet and let all join together, thus giving the sinner pretender the feeling of God’s acceptance and they all have one big rotten services together.

Thus again, The Evangelical accepts mixing of sin by refusing to separate sin. To separate the good from the bad. To warn! To debate!

………..  What about pretending follower that claim to be Christians….?

These are they that think they are Christians. They are pretenders that swear they are Christians. This is so messed up and make no spiritual sense? It’s because the so-called saints know the people they join in with are not Christians, yet, accept them.

Yes, the majority of people that claim they read the bible and live by it know all about the people around them. Yet, they refuse to separate themselves from them.

They enjoy pretenders as their comfort. They like their singing and cooking. They love them because they are good ushers, stewards, party planners, leaders of baseball teams, king and queen of raising money and the list go on. They know there would be no participants if was not for the pretenders.

These type of pretending Christians are as worst as the pretenders they themselves often speak against. They knowingly accept sin from others and is a co-conspirator with them and the speakers in attempts to rob God. They are cowards. Cowards are good for nothing.

Yes, all of these types of pretenders hang together and praise together to some god that is against the God of creation, truth and the Father of Jesus that brought us the word from the Father.

Listen! A willing participant knowingly accepting wrong and sin is a sinner themselves that stand against the will of God.

In Ending….

No one has seen any of the gospel of Jesus properly taught. There is no way such a powerful and healing word of God could cause man to be reduced to who they are today.

No way could the United States be so hateful by Christian towards other Christians and of other races as they do. No way could people cry out for the death of other nations that see thing differently than they do.

No way could a whole country be so divided. No way could a whole country claiming Christianity be one the worst nation in the world that spread evil against God all around the world. 

This nation of people are mostly pretenders. Blind leaders of the blind. Refusing to separate themselves from sin because of the love for it. Such proper teaching of the Gospel would have lead to a better world than this we now see. It is the only religion that can make this so.

There is no mixing of sin in heaven. No pretenders. no matter your achievement and worth down here. Feeling want matter. Family want matter. Crowds want help you. Fast talking lying pastors and ministers want help you.

Only the righteous shall see God and only the righteous shall enter in for the supper of the Lamb.

Liars and pretenders shall have their day before the Second Throne Judgment. Each must be held accountable of their deeds. And your deeds will show you up.

Nothing in this world is worth one minute in hell. You did the crime, now you must do the time until your time is finally come. Until the final piece of fire and brimstone role off the final piece of life. Life that took time to end. Suffering and punishment needs a body to cry out, “Lord, forgive me,” “give me another chance.”

But the cry falls on deaf ears. How long the cry before the end could be months or many years. I don’t know, but one can look at our own prison system of punishment and hope this is not the case.

Best is try not go there and you want have to worry about it if chosen. But a change must be made. Forgiveness must be ask for. A new person must appear. A servant filled with fire ready to try to retake a battle that we’ve loosing must come forth and fight by justice for God and worldly justice for the people‘s rights.

You need be know place other than where you are right now to ask forgiveness and began your new life. You don’t need to go to church or have others to front for you in a building. It’s all in your hand. Study more if you are missing something and live your life; You now, is the church Jesus is building in you.

However, if you are not ready, stop pretending until you are ready. Serve the one you give your heart to. But if you wait to long you may truly turn into a pretender and in the end being surprised you lost it all.

Note: The devil is a pretender. If you mix in without thought or care, you are a pretender.
Come out from among them and be separated. Shake the dirt from your feet.

We have a separation from God when one love everything and hate nothing! Think about it!