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Prayer and Healing 7 Day Challenge

A test was given to people on Facebook trying those that was making a mockery out of the name of God. Some have stopped but there will always be those looking for power. They cannot stop lying for sakes of trying to prove to others they got it with no results. My job for God is to get the truth of the word of God to the people. In doing this I run into life long sinners that attempts to challenge me against what I say the true interpretation of the word of God through Jesus Christ is.Without success.

My job, and to me, this is a job, is work for God or speak for God as a true representative of his. Forever keeping in mind what the consequences will be for me if I knew the truth but did not give this truth to the people. Back in the old days church institutions and organizations learned to control masses of people through business training and the art of speaking and motivation. A craft that run from one minister to another catching on like a rope set on fire after being dipped in gasoline. But have failed badly in their representation.

Such gave copy phrases of mind control teachings that made munchies out the brains of people taking away their ability to see the truth or even for a challenging thought. Thus, through power and authority these innocence became their bread and butter through twisted and false lies on God and how God will spiritually work in their lives if they believe on him as answering prayers rather than believing on him through living a life accordingly to the word of God.

So from this, most church goers live with a false belief that if they call on God he will surely move on what ever you ask of him even though one never see it. Yet, they think it to the very end. However, people are so untrained that never seeing prayer work is some how working though never seeing it work. Some are so with God, they think, that God, never leave their side, figure speaking.

The fact that prayer does not work has not stopped many from claiming they have the power to bless and pray for others, This has led me to challenge those still on Facebook and now those around the world and especially here in this country that disappoint every Sunday..

Below you'll see  I gave a seven day prayer challenge back in July 2016 to call out those that are breaking the hearts of those looking for hope for their love one's in troubled times. This challenge goes out to any and all churches and ministers around the world that is lying on God.I want them to prove what they say or stop lying and fix the damage they have caused and get mankind back on track to serve God and not God serve man..

Presented is the ending of day 7 challenge which nothing occurred. If you or your church would like to take the prayer challenge all you have to do is follow the conditions below, then post on my Facebook for me to apologize. I should hear about the healing and places closing down also on the news.


Prayer and Healing Challenge

For every one that continue to lie on God, your time is running out to prove your lies you spread to others. When you have shut down nursing homes, we can move on to hospitals doctor offices, VA Hospitals and put an end to sickness and death. Pain and worry. Even racism, hate and war. Then you can pray for richness and wealth. Do away with the poor. Then you can move over to ISIS. After all, God will answer your prayers you say.

THIS IS DAY 7 ……….and absolutely nothing has happen. This mean you are a liar and the word of God and I WINS.

It seem the more I defend the name of God and his true words it does not stop people from lying on him and saying things they received from their pastors that are flat out lies.

These saying have turned people into mindless thinkers unable to reset themselves from what sound true and sound foolish. Jesus called people of such “fools.” Therefore, these fools are outside of salvation.

Many have stated what God will do. “What he did for them.” “You or they prayed and God answered your powerful prayer and healed you.” Or, “When prayer goes up, God comes down.” “Oh I’m so in touch with God that he personally bless me because I’m more deserving than any one else.“ ….. Now is time to prove what you say or stand as a confused liar.

THE CHALLENGE: Pollocksville, NC in Jones County has a nursing home. Lets add all nursing homes in New Bern also. You can take any one you like. In fact, the whole body of every church may pray.

Now! I want your pastors to lead you unless you can go alone, your church, and especially you, to go by there and heal every one of them. If any be crippled or lame return their limbs or strength to them. Return youth to the old and back to their families. In other words, close them down.

If this is too much and you have things to do, and I know you will be to busy, then remember the Centurion. He told Jesus all he had to do is speak the word. So my Face Book healing friends just speak the word of healing to these nursing homes. You don’t even need to go to them.

Now! If God is healing young and giving to young people, are you saying that people in nursing homes are too old for God to heal or the sick is too sick?

TIME LIMIT: It should be instant, but you, your church, your pastors have 1 week to make this happen. Today is 7/18/2016. I expect to hear of super miracles being taken place each hour or day before 7/24/2016 at which time these nursing homes should be advertising closing or temporary closing for lack of patients. Every one should be healed.

MAKING IT CLEAR: Remember, It is you that say prayer works to heal or stop sickness and death and other problems in people lives…… I say spiritual prayer is not for healing the body or stopping problems and death and has not worked and will not work as you say and should see.

I say that prayer is hope, assurance in Jesus, believing in an unseen God, remembrance and forever giving thanks. Spiritual only… Prove me wrong!

THE FINISH LINE: At the end of 1 week (7 days) we shall see who is the liar and who‘s telling the truth.

And please… do not say I’m trying to be smart or come out with the old trick about, not testing God. Even blasphemy. Understand! It’s not God I’m testing, it’s you… All those who say God will pay your bills is included… Any one can get some of this!! Even in your own county, city and state.

I expect to hear you tell us on Face Book who has been healed along the way day by day up until 7/24/2016. ……I expect to be blocked by sinners and liars also……Remember! If this is not accomplished… You are a liar and people should stop saying amen to your lies.

Pastors, Prophets and others…The clock is ticking…!!!!!!!



Again, from the above challenge, the word of God and I won. I told the truth and they lied. Now it's your time!

Youe time start right now! Remember, if you don't do it, this means you are a liar on God..... Stop it or go to hell because of it.