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The Great Noah’s Ark Movie Lie

I hate to say it but Christians have been duped out of their money making the directors, writers and actors millions and millions of dollars from the movie call Noah’s Ark that could only be promoted by Satan.

I know how so-called Christians think. Mention any thing religious and every one of all kind of nature suddenly become righteous.  I didn’t really want to see this movie after seeing scenes that was incorrect.

But this you can be sure of. You can’t talk about something truthfully if you know nothing about it. So I needed to go see this movie and talk about it I will.

Being a writer against the way Christianity is being taught in this age, you may say I’m filled with so  much doubt that  I don’t give myself much room to look for much truth. Some truth is out there but in such small volumes that there are always a reason to doubt and look for doubtful scenarios that more than not are lies.

Noah’s Ark just prove the false acts of Christianity I’ve been preaching about on my website ( Now you can witness it with your own eyes and compare it with what I’ve been saying about this type of Christianity being full of false interpretations and lies.

Enough of the “I told you” but I told you. Noah’s Ark the movie was one percent correct and ninety percent lies. Yes, ninety nine percent lies.

Hardly none of what was presented was actual. No such thing as rock monsters, Tubal Cain attacking the Ark to take it. No Tubal Cain hanging on to the Ark busting through logs with an ax jumping aboard the Ark.

No Ham and Shem wanting to kill their father or his wife arguing against him. No Noah swinging and throwing knives, axes, killing people like they meant nothing.

No hundred of warriors being slain by giant rock monster while attacking the Ark to steal it and kill Noak and his family.

No Shem finding a girl friend an Noah refusing to help her but left her to be tramped over and die. No super giant snakes. No Noah’s father or grandfather present. No pregnancy nor Noah trying to killed little babies and so on and so on.

Further more, Noah did no preach or warn the people which he was supposed to do as the bible state. There was no description of God telling Noah how to build the Ark. There was no mention of people living in cities coming to enter the Ark after the rain became worse. No mention of mist that watered the land because people had never seen rain.

Let me say that the only thing that was correct about this movie was the name of Noah and his family.

What’s so sad about this movie is that it is scary to young children and leave them confused between this Noah and how they was taught in Church. I no those that no less about the bible will come away believing this really occurred in the bible.

This is what Satan does. He is a liar and turn weak minded people in to believers of his lies.

This movie is no more that a big money maker for those that wrote it. They had in their mind from conception  that they can easily make millions from the Church by just making a so-called Christian movie and all the hypocrites will break their necks to see it trying to prove to other they’re Christians.
Thus, the writers, actors, directors and producers along with Satan are laughing all the way to the bank.

But there are other so-called Christian movies hitting the screen also  filled with twisted lies made to deceive. That is,  that God is performing miracles in people lives. All made up and untrue.

Going to so-called Christian movies will not change your way of living nor will they ever will. They are only action movies and should be treated as such. They are no different than your regular movies. Enjoy them but don’t be fooled by them.

This movie was produced by a Republican call Mark Burnett, a British-American producer. This same Mark Burnett is chief executive producer of the show on TV called the “Voice.“ (secular music show). He’s also a long time friend of Donald Trump. Mr. Burnett also promoted  Glen Beck, a known racist against Obama, talk show call the “Blaze’ and asked conservatives to support Beck. This movie is the work of hateful Republicans.

Also, don’t forget the mini series that aired on TV call the “Bible was produced by him where Satan was depicted looking like Obama. But that was just an coincidence. Yea, Right! Oh don’t forget he produced “the Son of God” also along with many secular music stars. Yet, he call himself a Christian. Yea, right!

This does not mean we stop watching his shows and movie productions, it’s just that we can expect to see false hoods and twisted movie productions when it come to us listening to Republicans telling us how to love and care about each other. Just be watchful, careful and knowledgeable of what you see regarding Christianity. As for as other type fiction movies and shows, if you like them, go for it. It’s just the way things are.

The fact is, that too much hate reign in the Republican Party and I believe these are the bulk of those rushing out to see these movies because they pretend to be more Godly than any other party.

Movies want change you but the word of God will. Change your own life and start to recognized that there are others that God made beside you. Learn to love them to. Rushing out to a movie doesn’t make you God material but loving in the will of God does.

One more thing I like to say. This movie is the indication of the lies and twisted truths that not only this movie present but the same that is taught in today’s Churches. Why do you think Mark Burnett twisted it so?  You see it, but is scared to speak out on it. Don’t get caught up in. You think about it!

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