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The Church

No Such Thing As Going To Church

Once again, it is shameful to keep hearing people that think they are something with God, keep saying they have to go to Church. And I continually have to remind them that it is impossible to go to Church.

There is no where you have to go to seek the Lord when the word of God should be living in you. And why must you go somewhere to hear how to live right? One reason! You are not right?  Why should a Christian need to be taught how to be a Christian by a Christian? You should be teaching one yourself.

There is nothing a pastor nor minister or evangelical should be teaching a Christian when the pastor knows no more than the Christian they are teaching. Both are Christians and both seek the same salvation based on Jesus.

Only those that are not Christians need to be taught how to be one. You can’t be called a Christian until you live up to the expectations and satisfaction of the word of God of being one. People may drive a car, but you are not recognized nor called an Licensed Automotive Driver until you prove yourself by passing the driver’s licensed test. Until then, you are an illegal operator or a wolf in sheep clothing.

There is no more altar worship, as is in false churches. No where to go out side of yourself to find Jesus or God. No dressing up to head to nor a particular place to worship. No worshiping together as to think you are bringing down God to you or doing his will. Sitting in buildings are not God’s will.

Point blank, as a Christian, you should know all that is required to live a righteous life. Your written test and graduation is complete when you eat and swallow the word of God and receive a final acceptance.

If you have a legal drivers license, you swallowed the directions and instructions of that book and use it every time you get behind the wheel without a driver’s instructor riding with you, telling you when to stop, when to yield, when to apply the brakes, to make a U turn and so on. You automatically know what to do.

As Christians, make believe pastors have nothing to teach you about the word of God. If both is not living it, both are going to hell together, yet separated. You both must know the same requirement. Pastors may pretend in this age that they stand out, but these are not the old days. They mean nothing to God teaching Christians what they already know over and over then get paid to do it. How smooth is that?

Also, being excited about another speaker talking loud and lying and saying nothing is and haven’t gotten this evil nation anywhere. It is worst and getting worst with the very people pretending to be in touch with God, being the main cause.

A gay nation that’s growing to the point of flying gay flags over the nation’s capital. And you think God is satisfied with this great nation when you crowd in buildings, because you say so. Pitiful!

These same people is the bulk make up of the false Church being lead by wolves in sheep clothing being very much smarter than those they oversee.  Meeting on the day of the Sun doing and accomplishing nothing like every other meeting in the past and in the future.

Look around you. Your own enemies are your own church people. Mainly, Republican so call Christian that you cannot agree with. So called Christians that live to fight against each other. Yes, all play games, but the bible say they are fools.

I will always say, “if you attend a church (building), you got to lie…..  No way out of it! And I can make a liar out of any one that attend one.  Is there anyone that want to challenge me? Is there a pastor, false prophet or Evangelical that will respond to me?  I want to receive your response in my email. Respond on my Facebook timeline so I can respond openly to you. …Think about it!