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The Church
No Hiding In A Building

When the anti-Christ come, people cannot hide in buildings people call churches. There will be no sanctuary and hardly no place to run because the police force and other forces will be hunting Christians.

So why would people think there is protection in a building now. Even over thousand of years, just because thing were done in a certain way, does not make it right. Every since the false Church been operating under pretentious behavior, it has made no gains in delivering the true gospel to the masses. Wickedness has grown even greater.

Many in the past use the bible as a mean to control others through out history, especially the Catholic Church of Rome, headed by Catholic Popes and Priests pretending to sit on golden thrones as a mock up of Jesus.

Such power and positions from them grew smaller protestant ministers wanting to share in their power, thus, creating pockets of buildings throughout that drew many to them.

To hold the people there and believing in them, pastors and evangelicals called them sanctuaries, places of worship, The Lord’s House, The Holy Temple, on Holy ground, House of God,  House of Worship, House of the Lord, Building of praise, House of praise, all of which done away with the word of God being house in the heart, soul and the mind of the person.

These did away with the purpose of Jesus coming to mankind. It done away with serving and worshiping God within one’s self and sent mankind back to Temple and altar worshiping once again.

Today, this same belief exist. Man made places dominate and serve as worshiping places even though God spoke against them as people thinking he dwell in them.

The false Church is mainly a hang out spot that draws any one within it. It’s a business that put millions of dollars into slick evangelicals pockets. Just look at the lavish life style they live and how rich they have become by falsely claiming to be teachers.

These false churches have longed failed, though still cleverly fooling many, is how God is served. Evangelicals developed great performances then invite large gathering to come here them tell them what they should already know, then charge them for telling it to them. Smooth!!!

Those that follow them worship them more than God and get goose bumps whenever they hear their name or hear of them appearing for a show. That’s right, a show! But do not get the same goose bumps in representing God as a servant.

The false church build beautiful and large buildings for themselves to entice the weak and proud of all kind into it. Many, and especially deep seated sinners think by being a part of this building membership they suddenly become Christians by attaching themselves to the building and role call.

They jump right in and start working, even calling themselves Christian. Most join to have some place to be taken at death. People think by joining the membership of an organization this will make them look good when death come, because they will rest in a building falsely called a Church, and this will impress God at judgment without actually serving..

Again, nothing further from the truth and no pastor on earth can prove you worship God in a building. No pastor on earth can prove one has to go out side of their own bodies to serve God. There is no place to go to worship God out side of your body, period.

There is no pastor on earth that can prove any one can go to Church. The church is a mass of believers worshiping God within themselves. Church people cannot meet at a church nor gather at a church. Either you are the church based on Peter, the corner stone or you are a material building that sit, but cannot hear, move, feel or talk. Just empty existent.

I’m not trying to stop people from meeting to discuss the church next move to further the gospel outward nor meeting for true entertainment of praise through singing and rejoicing, for this is good and correct, but to falsely use the building or any structure to preach in this day and time the gospel to those calling themselves Christians, but need more teaching from someone whom is their equal, is beyond understanding.

It is this that I have a problem with. That is, how can a Christian need teaching the word of God over and over.

The True Temple of God exist in heaven. Yet, it could not exist with sinners in it’s mix.  It’s system of righteousness would be destroyed.

On earth, anything goes and every things is welcomed inside. And no, scripture is not speaking of anyone is welcome to come in the church building. He’s speaking of anyone  is welcome to come to God through Jesus. Yet, Many will go through the motions and even look real, But God will separate the wheat from the tare or the true believer and doer from the false pretender.

This is indeed the false Church that no pastor or most people think exist. But the truth is all around you and can only be hidden from the blind.

When I am around many that wander with their chest poked out stating what they do at a building, all I see is the blind leading the blind achieving nothing.

Tomorrow (Sunday), many will put Christ through the crucifixion all over again. But again I repeat from the word of God, “ I do not live in a house made by hands,” say the Lord, not me. This has always been on the page of the bible. No one has cared to teach it nor enforce it, but deliberately ignored it. Why?

Christianity is not in it’s infancy days of spreading the word of God, whereas, using Temples as meeting places for those hearing the gospel for the first time. This was needed to enlist carries. The word is now written on paper to reach the world and it has.

How? Because Jesus told the disciples to write what he say down so all in the near and far future will have no excuse of having the chance of not hearing the word of God, nor how it was brought by Jesus.  And how it was Jesus that re-connected us back to God through shedding of his blood. 

And that shedding of blood satisfied God and gave forgiveness of sin from God to any person willing to accept Jesus through the obedience of the word of God by asking forgiveness and meaning it from one’s heart.

Thus, if any body endure, carry forward the word, and serve God regardless of what they have to go through until the end, that same person shall be saved if God see fit.

But all will no their fate of salvation or not at the judgment and the judgment only. There, all will know if they are truly saved and not saved because they say so now. Only God will determined who is saved at judgment and not any one here on earth can predetermine God  and God only give the final conformation.

No one is now saved based on what they do in a building or how well they look in a building…. Think about it!