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The Church

My Final Thought On The Matter Of Christmas

Happy “Omega’ Celebration to all. We made it thus far and move onward toward the “Alpha”
(New Year). The year is not over with, so lets pray (hope) to reach it’s end which is December 31 first.

I created the Omega Celebration 10 years ago in hopes of trying to prevent so called Christians from lying and hell bound if they continue on into Satanic worshiping of degrading God and Jesus with Christmas lies.

Omega is an attempt to reach just as many people as I can to renew their faith in the true word of God once again. It separate the righteous from the sinners. It give truth and Godly thankfulness for year long blessings. It obey the word of God and not disrespect God in thinking falsely that God will accept their lie just because they want too.

Omega allow given of gifts to family and friends and telling kids the truth, that their gift come from dad and mom to let them know that it is you that is taking care of them and providing for them with the help of God’s blessings he already bestowed on mankind from the beginning of creation…. You stop lying…

Today, many will go to their wooden church and declare this is the day Jesus was born. Well, I said before and I say it again, “any one, and I don’t care who they are, that do, say, teach, believe and promote “The Greatest Lie Ever Told’, is not a “True Christian, but one caring the name as a nation of Christians such as Christian America.” However, they are lying sinners.

Listen! Many of you are aware of God’s word not to lie. But you don’t care. You know God hate a liar. But you don’t care. You know God say you are in the world but not of the world. But there is not different. You love the world and celebrate with it. You know a liar shall not stay in heaven, but you do not care.

You lie about the birth of Jesus, but you do not care. You pretend like you love people with one day of love,  which is a lie, but you do not care. You return the God, Jesus, from his Throne to the crib pretending he is a baby again, and do not care.

You pretend like it’s a sad thing that Jesus died for our sins with fake tears, when this should be a joyous things. Lack of understanding and you do not care. You sing silly lullabies and listen to bible stories that is told over and over as to slickly motivate and justify a reason to disrespect God and continue your traditions, but you do not care.

Wait!!  I know I didn’t just mention “traditions.” Did God not say to stay away from traditions because it is more about people and festivities, mixing with demons worship and activities like Santa Claus whom people worship more than God.  Is this not what Christmas is? 

Again, I looped all of the above together. Can you say this is not you.  I would love to think it’s not because if it is, you are being totally disrespectful of the Throne of God and every thing the God head represent dealing with life, the Word, death, resurrection and salvation into immortality. Can you say this is not you?

I am a servant of God. A servant works to get the truth out to the people, not hinder it nor corrupt minds around the world against it. A servant has a job we are to work at every day. A  servant is constantly trying to reach the lost and convert them if they can. A servant is willing to give their life if necessary. A servant is not a coward. A servant is not a turn coat that accept gays and remain silent. A servant should know what they are talking about and not mislead others.

As I end,  if you , your pastor or any family member that engage in the Christmas Tale… are not Christians.

But wait!  Another lie is right around the corner and so called Christians will start another great lie. It’s called “Easter Resurrection!” The lies never stops in the “FALSE CHURCH.” But there are every day lies or “Sun“…day lies that are regular.

Get the truth and live like Christians. You have never heard about true Christianity before until now. Read my entire website. I guarantee you will never be the same again. A whole new world to understanding  will brighten your life and open you eyes. You will learn your pastor is lying to you.

Afterward, recommit your life to Jesus and God the Father the right Way. You will come away 10 times smarter than your pastor. You will never be the same when you enter another one of these walled in buildings that God strictly said, “He do not dwell,” But the people say he does!
Read and think about it.