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Muslims Killing Christians and Pastor’s Lies About It

This morning millions of people will go to church and hear in some way or another how Christians are being targeted by Islamic religion or radicals.

Pastors will jump on this and before they are through will make like Christianity is doing so much and is so powerful in the world that Islam find the need to try an destroy it. For what, I don’t not know, because people have already done that.

They will say that Islam, not radical Islam, has taken hundreds of Christians captive in Iraq and this truly show the end times when Christian will be persecuted. That we need to get ourselves together because Jesus is coming soon. Oh praise the Lord!

All lies, but the weak will sit in from of them and amen themselves to death. Once again taken in by lack of understanding.

Here are some facts, not all, but some. It is radical Islam, the murderous terrorists, can care less for any religion whether, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism or any other. They want to bring their type of religion to all the world period.

Whether all of them in Islam would like for this to happen is just their religion. Christianity want to take over the world also, so do the rest. And yes, we do have those that prefer to be left alone and live and let live.

Understand first, that Christianity by Jesus was told to take it to all parts of the world also. The only different is, we do not have radicals in our midst today that is willing to force others to conform to Christianity or die.

We wouldn’t have this problem with Islam if Christians would have done their jobs spreading the gospel like Paul and like they was told to instead of figuring out how to profit from it. Yes, the Church has fail God and Jesus whom he sent to fix this mess.

Now every religion believe their own religion is right, although Christianity stand in the better position to bring peace and love among all people through Jesus Christ which offer this to all people free, without force, without cultural wear and without contradicting scriptures and wordings. Not done!

The Church prefer to pretend to be Jesus by wearing long garment in pulpits like the Pope and his followers. Holding their hands together in front of them or talking real soft and smooth quoting scriptures but doing nothing at all.

ISIS is targeting every and any one whether in other religions or in their own religion that do not believe in what they believe in while trying to build their own empire. 

Even though there are scriptures in the Koran for some of the things they are doing, there is nothing there for them to kill, murder, rape women and children, providing videos of beheadings and such in the Koran. 

Yes, they kill, but so do we. Our Christian military, we the backers, our taxes. Christians that think they are beyond killing is directly and indirectly involved whether you like it or not. 

Before pastors get in the pulpits today and make statements, understand that ISIS is killing thousands upon thousands of their own people compared to deaths of people in other religions This is not a holy war against Christians.

Pastors love to jump on this subject and make it look like the Church is doing such great things we cannot see. But all will be twisted lies behind what they will say while trying to convince you they are the all powerful pastor you should surround yourself with.

There are over, to this day, nearly 350 so called Christians captured in Iraq and Syria by ISIS. The Christian Churches in this country will tell their flocks to pray for their safety and release.

But let me tell you that there is negotiations going on behind closed doors to get these people released and not kill them. These are not just Coptic Christians working on this but Muslims. Coptic Christian has no power when dealing with these terrorists and therefore require influential Muslims to bring this about.

There release, may or may not happen, but if it does you can bet these pastors and his members from this country will swear that God heard their prayers. 

Yea, Right! Our God is working through Muslims! This will make no sense unless God can get more things done through Muslims than through Christians.

Then again, if Christian prayers will work in Iraq and Syria, why won’t church prayers work in hospitals and nursing homes right here in this country? Why not the many sick and diseased people sitting right in front or beside you in church? 

If you say God answered your prayers to get these Coptic Christian released then healing someone you know and care about should be a very small thing for you to do.

What I’m getting at is lies and twisted sermons in churches have got to stop. Every one’s life depend on hearing, telling and living by the truth. Not having an empty brain not capable of knowing or knowing the difference between what sound right and wrong.

Filthiness like gayism has consume this country and the church live in the midst of it and has no nose to breath or smell the stink that’s taken over. Yet, they pretend every Sunday in church starting off with the biggest lie there is, “God is moving in the Churches today Saints, ain’t that right?’ And the people will lie back. “Yea! “Thank you Jesus!” God is not moving and is not suppose to be moving. There is no evidence that God is moving, especially in this country.

Any pastor that say so is a liar. I challenge them all to come forth and prove it. I challenge your pastor to prove what he or she say. If they can‘t, then leave the pulpit or start teaching the truth if you can.

No! ISIS is not just targeting Christians but every other religion there is on earth plus anyone that oppose them whether it’s their own people or not. 

You saw it happen to Jordon’s pilot, which ISIS burned to death while laughing. Then afterward, to Coptic Christians. Then back to killing Muslims. 

Even in Africa, Boko Haram kill hundred of Muslims nearly every week and take their own Muslim girls captive and sell them off for slavery, sex slaves and marriage, only for money.

Pastors and people be careful at what you say and hear. You just might be telling a lie and no liars shall enter Heaven. Start challenging your pastor. If not they are going to take you all right along with them to hell. 

Get the bible and study it and you will find that the key to salvation is love. There are many ways love is used in your life. Stupidity is not one. Shaking your behind is not one. Adultery and fornication is not one. Love is not running to a fight or hating others. Love is not seeing one condemning themselves to hell and not speak out to them to change their mind and heart.

Love is not being afraid to speak out for God for Jesus sakes. Love is being respectable before God even though you can’t see him. Love is constantly thinking on what you can do to get the gospel to others. Love is not killing unless defending your home or country. Love is taking care of your home and family.

 Love is not making Jesus look bad in the eyes of others. Love is hearing the truth and accepting it as truth. Love is not robbery of others in church. Love is giving toward that which is right. Love is helping others when you can or when asked to do so. Love is not black or white. Love is forever expanding having no end crossing all boundaries. 

In a Christian, the love of God should be in you and you need no one to remind you every Sunday that you should love each other as Christ has loved you. If so, maybe you do need teaching. 

If so, then what good are you? But if you’re not getting truth, you’re wasting your time. The word of God is to be taken, not sit on, and carried to others by every Christians. 

Think what could have been done in the world if this would have been done nearly 2000 years ago up to now. But what has been accomplished? Mostly nothing! Now what can the church do to stop what they fell to stop! Nothing! Satan is winning big time!

But I bring you new news. News that renew the mind and put you on a road toward real salvation. Denying the devil to continue slaying God’s people. 

Only a few is going to be saved, not billions that claim Christianity. I want you and me to be part of that few. Is that too much to ask? To want? You think about it!