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The Church


If you have ever been frighten, this is a message that will stick with you forever. It will chill your bones and play with your head. It will touch the very core of your spine and send severe shock and thought waves through the very fiber of all you thought you knew.

Yes, there is such a scripture in the bible that is so over looked and hardly spoken on until now. Yes, now, I will reveal one of God’s mysteries long ignored, but is so vital to my and your future survival.

Because people are needed to fill Buildings, this mystery has been intentionally ignore.  Great mega buildings have grown to over capacity of such sinners by not teaching it.

Sprouts of tic tack medium assemblies, and of course, small pockets, sit for years, rapidly rising along side most highways, streets and dark corners are not teaching it. Why? Because all trying to claim one thing, “FOLLOWERS.”…..Using such names as “Without Limits.”

So, let me tell you what this scripture is and I will let your mind start to wonder before you finish reading my remarks following it and let your conscious be your guide.

This over looked mystery is found in Scripture and has been upon the pages of the Epistle since early Christianity and remain to this very day. It will not change.

Now! Here it is and what it says:

Hebrew 10:26:


“Chilling!”  But do you understand it? Let me explain! Most people have heard and know of the word of God. Notice, the truth can only be taken and believed in from the written word. Therefore, God is not spiritually teaching, talking or carrying on with any one personally. It’s all through Jesus testament call the “New Testament” or the “written word” or there would be no written word for us to read or believe in.

Listen to this!. When you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and ask for forgiveness of sin, you said you knew God’s word and promise to abide in it. In your heart you said you believed you were now a child of God.

Notice, I did not say saved, because only God at judgment is the only one that can save any one. No one is now saved and is still walking among with low class humans on earth in their immortality. Only God will determine whether your life is worth saving or not.  Not me, not you and certainly not your pastor that stand before funerals and lie to you by saying this person is now in heaven. They are not! Such will do away with “CAUGHT UP.” (another subject). No one knows this nor can dictate for the judgment of God.

That decision is not ours and no one should be walking around saying they are saved. nor pastors teaching such. This is trying to predetermine what God will do. When anyone say such a thing around me I say, “how ignorance are they.”

“Shall be saved,” is at judgment and it depend on your remaining faithful until the end Not being stupid or running around saying silly things and lying on God along with twisting his word which hurt you.

Back to the scripture above. Let me refresh your memory for the last time with scripture.


Now, I know you heard many pastors say through scriptures taken out of content, that Christian that fall back to their old habits of sinning, can, when they are tired of it again, can just come back to God by asking forgiveness, over and over again, because God is a just God.

However, according to this scripture, if you keep on sinning, you cannot ask for forgiveness of sin again. Reason being, there was only one sacrifice. Jesus became the sacrifice for our sins once. There are no more sacrifice to give or forgiveness to be given. No more sacrifice left!

There are many people that have and is now doing and has done a lot of backsliding after claiming to be a Christians.

What the scripture is saying, is that you know how to live for God, which is the knowledge of the truth, but still find the ways of the world, it’s action and character more suitable. Disregarding the “truth” while willfully committing sin without conscious sakes. To ask for forgiveness again, would be putting Jesus through another sacrifice.

Christianity is a mind set focused on God with conscious sake. Always being mindful in spirit and always worshiping in Spirit having a conscious of fear (hell) of God.

Many people still sinning, need to become aware and ask themselves this question…… Where ever you  thought you said you received God’s forgiveness, “did you really, from the bottom of your heart, mean it? Did you really want to become a Christian or was it just emotions, surroundings or pushed by the pastor to come forward before an altar which there is no such thing for becoming a Christians. Sacrifice has already been made.

Did after confession you went immediately back to your old life within hours, days or a few week and months, even years? If so, you  never received forgiveness through the spirit. You never wanted too. It was just an act that for conscious sakes had no conscious.

This is a false church we have today. One must separate from it. False believers, especially the young, are filling buildings up and down and all across the world with false worshiping and can‘t wait to return to their old lives when false worship has ended. Most of them are being led by  false pastors seeking only power, money and as many followers as they can. More followers, more money, more lavish their lifestyle.

But, here is the problem.  It make no difference whether one was truly forgiven and went back into the world or one never really wanted forgiveness through pretense and went back into the world,  “you still know the truth.” The one that was truly forgiven really has a problem.

No matter how much sin you do, you still know the truth. You know Jesus, God and even heard, read, studied and even speak from time to time the word of God. There are hardly any one that has not heard of the name Jesus. However, there are some that know nothing about him though hearing the name of Jesus.. They have not used their first sacrifice.

When one commit a crime they are found guilty and is punished for it. They knew, for example, cutting someone’s tires was illegal but cut them any way. They knew the truth or knew it was wrong to cut another’s tires but broke the law any way and cut them. This person deserve the punishment handed out by the court for such crime.

Such as is with God.  It matters not that you knew or know the truth. You did not abide in it. Many will pay the ultimate price of going to hell knowing the truth. Pitiful, because the bible state, “many are called but few are chosen.” God is calling out to as many as will listen through true ministers teaching.

All I can say is people hanging around these buildings in assemblies better hope God is not serious in Hebrew 10:26. Most pastors better hope the same thing even more. They taught the lie!

Better hope also you are not part of , “In vain do they worship me.” Matthews 15:9

Hopefully, because you were never serious at the time of your confession, it didn’t count and you get another chance. The TRUTH mean when you seriously accept the word and Jesus and intend to do right in all your actions and ways. Better hope so for most living and dead. “Few there be that make it in” (bible).

One thing I do no is that this has long been the false Church and I’m not talking about a building. Many attend them for all the wrong reasons. Pastors pastor them for one reason. They need all the followers they can get, no matter striving for complete righteousness or the unrighteous, they all are welcome together.

I would hate to be in some shoes. The most righteous will barely make it in. Scripture in 1 Peter 4:18 read,

“And, if it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?

Roman 3:10 states, “as it is written, there is none righteous, no not one.”

We strive to be righteous by growing in grace. This is your chance to grow in understanding and make a chose to serve God in hope that there will be a chance at judgment that God will say, you did just enough, come on in. Not, you played a good game, but lost in the end. “In vain did you worship me.”

Your life is in your hands. You now know more of the truth. Make the right chose. Getting in heaven is not as easy as one may think. God did not go through all of the trouble from old Testament to New Testament just to eat a doughnut with us or to have us sitting around playing checkers for all eternity. I wonder what else!

Is it already over for many? Yes and No! . .

This is mind bending news. Chilling and thought provoking, but it’s the word of God and not mine. You can’t fool God at judgment. Think about it!