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The Church
Many, Many May Say Lord, Lord, But I Don’t Know Them

This is from the bible that I believe in. There are so many people fooling themselves thinking they meet the qualifications to be given and or put in charged of Heavenly matters without changing.

Stop fooling yourselves, because resistant is of the devil. Being blind is of the devil. Refusing to see the truth is blind under the devil‘s authority.

However, Satan have many followers posing as Christians. How else could this country be so divided between the poor and the rich, to hateful so called divided Christians. So-Christian that’s so misplaced in their mind set that they think God reside in hate and delusion. 

Twisted so called Christians have been worst for the world and God. They confuse and rapidly change weak minds. They speak, say and do one thing out of one side of their mouths and do just the opposite out of the other. They can always draw weak minded Satan followers with their sweet and charming words, as they smile and laugh while delivering false and twisted words to those unable and unwilling to submit themselves to the actual word of God.

In a nut shell, you find silly people, whom Donald Trump and the Government has power over still ignorant enough to believe Jesus is working for them over the government. Or someone tell them to wait on the Lord to fix their problems, but even they aren’t that stupid. Common now tell them to seek help from humanity.

These are those that have not, nor cannot visualize the working of the word and it’s’ inhabitants and world governments within it..

While a small few of us realize that God is not driving trucks, delivering money to us, buying baby food, robbing banks, making our beds, buying us toothpaste, picking out our shoes, sending taxi’s to pick us up, being our aircraft pilots, fighting with our military against ISIS, working with ISIS against us, put Trump in office of the President, bought us fishing rods and reels, hate others that you hate, grant wishes, or that he is our doctor, yet, unlearned and disturb people does though no proof ever. They cannot see reality and will never be a home with the real God, neither in this world nor the world to come.

How do I know most people are going to hell? Because the bible say so and because this is what is taught in the false buildings called churches. If foolishness was not preached and taught there, there would be no way to pass this false understanding forward through out decades. People would be forced through reading and one on one to act on God’s word from their own heart and not their own understanding, mixing the gospel.

It is a fact that pastors and Evangelicals must have a great number of people to believe in them. So they will continue to play the sad and comforting game accomplishing nothing to hold them bound.

They need these people to believe in them, not God. They just don’t care! Power is at stake! Maintaining “The high chair” is at stake for them!

Such mindless detachment from reality is a detachment from the intelligence of God, the God of truth. A detachment from salvation and from knowing what is in store for all those that love the Lord.

For they will never see beyond the universes nor know it’s workings. They will never see the creation of God, Saints, taken their part in creation and their placement throughout the eternal realm.

I know this is too heavy for many minds, so I apologize for daring to enter into the mind of God. (Read “Into the Mind of God and a Brick Wall” on my website.

Common sense and living in this world and seeing it’s workings while being a part of the system that every one play a part in, as per God’s instruction,  (“man shall work by the sweat of his brow”) should indicate that God meant for civilizations to grow and man is to build it as they see it. We did, we have!

Let’s look at an example: It is always a joy to see how our children progress in life on their own, away from mother and father. Parents want to see growth from them, not from them begging the parents to the point they hate to see them coming and thinking under breath, my child is sorry and a disgrace to the family. Yet, put on a smile!

However, some parents give and give to the point it hurts them financially. Their love only make the taker worst and worst to the point they become thieves and a burden they don’t care about causing for their parents just as long as they get what they want.

No way God could welcome people of this sought of laziness, thieving, begging, liars, those without thought, liars on God, pretenders into his Kingdom. No way will God give now. Each man and woman will stand before God and then each will be given their just reward according to what we did in the flesh.

Even Satan workers that work and pass on lies from other pastors to corrupt the mind of others are a disgrace to God and their actions will be put before God at Judgment.

Even liars that lie and tell other to “wait on the Lord,” as though the Lord will take care of their problems, like they are more special than the next, will have to defend themselves.

Yes, a Christian must be vigilance and wise. As living by the word of God they should not be taken in by twisted lies but by facts from the scriptures.  Not by lies coming from any pastor that operate under the conditions that worship must be done on and in a certain place called a church, on a certain day that take place at a certain time when Christians and all other must come together to be renewed for a couple of hours.

If you keep believing and repeating unproven lies from those that is just a sounding brass and nothing more, then you and them fall into the ditch together.

This I teach may seem new to you, but God’s people are a special kind of people. They cannot be like those of the world, as is today. Yes, true Christians suffer for the glory of God. With drawn from false pretentious participations.

A good servant is someone that is working for God to bring others closer to the word of God, that they, through the hearing of the word, in hope, may save their own lives….Think about it!