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The Church
Lying Prophets, Pastors and Sins of The United States

When someone tell you what God is going to do, you should tell them to prove it now. Not say it for latter, but prove it now. Any one, especially pastors, and building going people are not to be believed at stuff they say.

With hundred of thousands of sick places, haven't you ever wondered why they never go around places like Child Care Centers and heal those people there?

We have sick people in buildings located just blocks from religious institutions, yet, the sick remain. Most are from their own church or building near by.

Many people going to these buildings will listen and people will join and say amen to a lie and nothing will be done, as usual, when the clock strikes 1PM and turn out time.

When it's all done they will get in their cars after lying on God telling people what God will do, yet, will pass by these places without hardly a glance.

Why? Because they instantly come to reality after leaving their building that they can do nothing.

Even the raging, crowd pleasing, joking, so called slaying in the Satan spirit, slick talking pastors like all those pasturing great huge Churches or I mean buildings will go the back way out of sight just in case some one might ask them to come pray for their relative to be healed.

They are afraid because they know their prayers are not going to heal anyone. It hasn't happen yet! Yes, no one will come forth to attempt to close down just one institution of sickness.

Lying prophets are the worse. There are buildings in Greenville NC and New Bern NC that lie at the top of the list of Satan worshipers and liars. Even in small counties and cities through out the nation and especially in my small county of Jones County that is packed full of lying prophets deceiving the people.. None able to prove anything.

A Church call “House Without Limits” in New Bern is taking people on long trips of false hope and ignorance. A holiness Church, they call themselves, where their money is made by twisting scripture and scaring people into paying money by outright lying on God. Yes, Having funerals and lying and God. Having more funerals and lying on God. I challenge you.

You see, I can say it and prove it. I ask these pastors and all other pastors that is telling people out right lies to prove me wrong.

Prove me you are not liars. Ask me to go with you to any hospital of your choice and shut it down as you tell your followers God will do, if you ask. That God will heal their pain, sorrow, burdens and so on.

However, these are things dealing with life and is natural and has nothing to do with salvation as you say. But pastors have people blind and cannot see the truth.

I have been challenging the False Church and every other religion for the past nine years and have not heard from absolutely no one. No not one. Why?

Do you know that you as Democratic Christians fight against Republican Christians. What happen to being brothers and sisters and being on one accord?

Do you know that it is Christians that make your life miserable? Yes, it is a fact! They control mostly every thing in our country from hospitals, grocery stores, liquor stores, insurance companies, loan companies, banks, car dealerships, your jobs, social system, doctors, the government and it goes on. I'm sure you can think of more.

Did you know that only 40 to 45 percent of Americans believe there are a God and this number continue to drop? It’s because of lying crocked pastors and their lying crocked members that follow them.

We are in the age of the false Church and there is no one on the face of the earth can prove we are not.

In the United States, one may pretend this country is a Godly nation, but it is a fact that it is from the United States that all filth and sin flows from it into the rest of the world. It is the melting pot of every nation joining every religion in the world together. Then tell them all, “no religion has the right to speak against the other.” To tolerate them all.

This is against the teachings of Jesus and God, for us, the Christians, to take the gospel to the world. Yet, our country, the so called Christians, defile God and curse him by telling him that man has arrived to being their own god, making our own decisions and laws and therefore does not need him nor his way of thinking.

The church has fallen so deeply into sin that it has not respect given to those that operate in building even thought people go listen to them. The many know their faithfulness only last while they are behind the pulpit. Away, they are scheming and planning their next sinful act to either satisfy themselves in the world or plan their next robbery of the people.

In this day and time it is almost committing yourself to hell to attend a building claiming to represent God that is based on lie and con jobs.

Yes, if one pastor’s a church, they have to lie to keep it running and need believers to believe in them to keep the building standing, looking good, performing shows, entertainments, lie about what God did and is doing for them and of course, to keep the money flowing.

In closing, let me quote the bible by saying God said he did not live in a building made by hand. That you are the temple of God. To be the temple of God means you have to live accordingly to the word of God. This do away with God being in a building.

I, like God, want you to learn and keep the word of God in you and carry it every where you go. Not expecting to visit the Spirit of God on the day of the sun, but every day of the week.

To past it down through your family generations to generations. Meaning to teach your kids and they do the same in turn.

There is no where, where it say we must serve God in a building and fellowship with others there or go to hell. Any pastor or person that say you must come to the house of God is a liar. This building is not the House Of God but the house of ill repute.

Fellowship as mention in the bible and told by pastors are not true! The bible state, where two or three are together in his name, so is he the spirit through in by the word we express.

Forget not to fellowship with each other. I’m fellow shipping with you now. While millions wasted their time sitting in a building doing nothing today, I was ministering to three young men at a flea market that was angry at his past church because this church broke up his marriage and the pastor ended up marrying his wife.

Others that was there also was disgusted with the people calling themselves the church. The now say they will not go back. I told them the bible say to shake the dust from you feet and leave them. That God is not in the building but in us. In our hearts.
They said this was not God these churches was working from but the devil. I said it was Good that they recognized this when most will not. Just live your life for God and enjoy your life as we were doing at the flea market. Fellow shipping with each other and having fun.

As I come home I saw many cars gathered around churches doing nothing but pretending and lying on God. I saw older people come in stores dressed in their Sunday go to meeting garments thinking they just had an experience with God at the building.

Yes, many lies go on with every TV minister and big time rich boy not to mention the lying prophets that will read your mind like root doctors and tell you things that are natural occurring about our lives or their lives. All for two glorious things. Power and money.

In closing, remember, God has never meant for us to serve him in silence, locked away, refusing to leave home, refusing to so certain things claiming it is sinful without proof. God want us to enjoy life and all that he created for us. Just love each other and not willfully sin against each other and not against God.

Spread the word the way it should be spread when ever there is a moment to those that are not into Jesus or those that has ran away.

It’s sad, but now that you know the truth, it is now up to you to help me return just as many to God as we can. This is the false church the bible speak of. Many are called but few there be that make it in.

Less be part of that few from a world gone mad. A few that will only come from the United States and other nations. Now think about it!