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  Bishop, B E Ward
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With all the racism and hate that goes on in this country, why will someone still pretend God is doing this or that.

Especially someone that outwardly lie on God to say God is personally taking care of their needs and bodily

sickness as though God care about them and none of the millions of other sick people all around the world. ... Here,

we are leaving the concepts of, God will do this, to pastors and so called Christians begging the government to

take care of our problems along with pastors marching and pleading with law enforcement to please stop killing

black men and women. Why not just pray and put this lying power of prayer to work and take care of the problems

once and for all?.... Well over 400 years of praying should have brought blacks and whites together. Instead, it has

done nothing. We, the blacks, fight against the false church of Republicans and conservatives that follow Trump.....

So called Christians being against each other is out of character of God.... Blacks carrying the Bible, while being

the most hated in the country is a joke.....Yet, blacks see how despised we are and cannot make peace with

churches on the right should realized by now that prayer doesn't work. When it come to lying on God taking care of

their needs they are the biggest liars. .. When you hear fools saying suck silly things about healing and God is

moving, you should put these lying prophets to the test by asking them to prove it.......God is not involved in our

affairs in any way and no one can prove it. ....As you see from marches and voting, it is we that get up off our

bottoms and use our brain and body of limbs to go to work and make our journey on earth what we make it .... But

lying prophets, you should avoid. They have never healed anyone, not even their own bodies. They are liars the

Bible call them... When one produce proof then we can believe them. One such place to start showing proof is at

nursing homes. Shut them down! Until then you are a liar.... Stop playing with God and pretending. Do what we, you,

are supposed to do. Have good sense, go to work! Think about it!