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False Lying Prophets and False Pitiful Believers

I received a phone call by mistake from someone looking a certain woman they called a prophetess. Anger came over me when I thought, "this lady and that so-called lying prophetess is in the devil's grip.'

It is sad when there are so many ignorance lying people pretending to foretell the future out side of the Bible in the Church. They have little respect for God as they turn the name of God and his church into a side show. A ringling brother's circus.  All looking and acting like ancient soothsayers or modern day madam Dora's or fortune tellers.

Both Prophets and Prophetess of today pretend to be receiving a word from God to relay to the people. They got this from old Testament scriptures. However, Old Testament scripture referred to those prophets foretelling the coming of Jesus in one way or the other whether in war, peacetime or normal happenings and events.

Prophets and Prophetess of today are just liars and pretenders to those they claim they can foretell their future to.  Being soothsayers they real slick and study their craft well. They have, through studying others, seem almost believable. Saying God told them to tell them they are going to get cars and money or God is going to bless them in their sicknesses and problems and all they have to do is believe and have faith.

They no how to get in the hearts and mind of weak ignorance people and play with their emotions. The people, too beguiled by these so-called Prophets and Prophetess lying antics cannot reason for themselves. If they could they would no from common sense that if you are sick, go to a doctor.  Stop waiting around being too stingy to pay your bills. If you have money problems, go to work. Plan your life and get control of your spending habits and learn how to save. Stop being stupid with your money.

If you have problems, take time to figure out what you can do to fix them. Who caused it? Why didn't you take care of it when you first knew of it? Was it you or some one else and etc..

Need help from some one to figure it out, then go to some one you no has experience in it? Are you instigating a problem? Are you fueling the problem?

One big problems I have with people that claim they are Christians, is that they haven't learned to be Christians. They spend so much time listening to someone else like the pastor telling them how to live their lives rather than getting the word of God in them and learning from the word of God how to live and understand their own lives. It's like they cannot be learned or can't comprehend the word of God when it clearly tell all how to live a Christians life.

If you know the bible and believe in it, go by it, then you shouldn't need no one to keep reminding you of it. What's so hard to understand that you should meditate on the word of God? Love one another as I have loved you, said Jesus. Or do unto other as you would have them do unto you.Even being watchful and mindful of all things. Or loving thy God with all thy heart soul and mind. Oh! How about seeking and you shall find. The latter covers a major of things to fix or heal that which trouble a Christian.

Study to show yourself approved of God or study to show God just how much you intend to live for him through the words he gave Christ to give to us.

The written word is all one need to live their lives. It is the same word that these pretending Prophets and Prophetess have and no more. They should no no more than you and you no more than them about salvation.  You both need the same words to enter heaven.

If you're calling yourselves Christians but need some one to pretend to speak to God for you then you are not a Christian. Not a child of God as you pretend. If it was possible, you would need no one to speak for you. Each on must answer for themselves.

First of all you and no one else are speaking to God. It doesn't work this way. God have no reason to speak to billions of people one on one. It make no sense. He has no reason to speak to today's pretending fortune tellers or Prophetess. Why? For What? The gospel is already written.

Let me say this again. If any one in the Church need some one else to speak or get healing's or anything from God for you, then they  and you are liars and hell bound for using the Church as a side show for power sakes, control, money and self glory.

Before I go let me ask you a question? Why do these so-called prophets and Prophetess run to doctors when they get sick? Why can't they heal themselves and every one in the Church on the spot with out every one that get sick in the Church seek medical attention out side of the Church by non Christian doctors or an outside doctor period?

The Church is in turmoil and has been for over 2000 years. It's been and is held hostage by many false Prophets, Prophetess, pastors and ministers using the gospel for profit. But they will get pay again for the lives they caused to be lost. Now you think about it!

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