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The Church
Lying false black ministers

One thing I can’t stand is a lying black minister pretending like God called them to the ministry or most any minister of this modern time to the pulpit. For hundred of years they have accomplished nothing for black people except rob them of their mind and money leaving them acting and sounding mad.

They get on TV and slickly tell simple people that supposed to be Christians how to be Christians and these simple people every Sunday is coned out of their money because they never learned how to live for God and need some one to tell them the same thing they should already know, over and over and over again. They constantly need to be taught when they should be teachers themselves..

Black pastors love to make joke and make funny faces suggesting and doing foolish sketches talking about finances and how much God will do for you. !No Such thing! Never have since bible days. Look at history, death and diseases. They have won over none of it.

Many have twisted the bible. For example, the Church rob you and the government take care of you. When the Church should be helping the poor it is the government  that take care of them. When you should be living by the word of God it is the fear of government that keep you in order.

The bible speak of false prophets that will fool many with words that tickle the ears. Blacks love foolish pastors that lie to them every Sunday. I challenge every minister that get in the pulpit and claim God will heal or do any of the things they claim, to challenge me and meet me at any nursing home or hospital of their chose and do what they tell the people at the Church building God will do.

I guarantee you absolutely none will show up. Nor contact me to prove me wrong. But they will quickly claim blasphemy and you shouldn’t test God. They will always have a scripture they twisted and a way out because they need you for their power and your money.

In fact bring one thousand ministers and pastors and began on the first floor in the first room. Please bring along all your loud mouth women that lie and claim God will do the same.

If that’s too much, your local doctor office will do. I challenge Bishop Rosie S. O’neal of Greenville who has a TV ministry where she present herself as called by God to be in this one thousands. So do I challenge every bishop, black or white. 

They have done nothing for God but created more robbers and liars gaining big bank accounts they coned the people out of. Losers that found a gold mined through starting Churches.

This country has been taken over by gays and all type of immoral acts with a Church sitting right next to it and all most pastors can do is play games and read bible stories to people that sit like little children smiling and grinning never coming to the understanding of the truth.

Come on pastors and ministers!  Stop burying people and heal them. After all you said so. Isn’t  it about time you go to VA hospitals, children hospitals and heal these people. They all are Christians too!  Oh I forgot, God heal only in Church buildings behind walls and through TV’s.  Or is it that there is no money to be made in these places. Or People just may find you out you lie. No liar shall enter heaven. If the shoe fits, wear it. (Read my “Into the mind of God and a Brick wall).

God is about love and spreading love through out all.  For creating a better world. Do you see it! After nearly two thousand years of Churches and pastors the Church is worst off today than ever in history. (Read my message, the blind leading the blind).

One of the worst things that could have happen to black people have been the black minister. If the Church is not reformed, both black and white or what ever color, nearly all from this era will go to hell with your pastors leading the way.
Think about it.