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Lunatics Posing as Christians, Healing and How do we Pray

Once you no better and your eyes become open you now see clearly and brighter than ever before.You should be able to see and hear all the tricks of the devil you once was told was of the lord. Children of God should not be accepting every thing that come from their pastor's mouth.

Think on these thing as the bible say and try their spirits. Let your thoughts take over instantly, not just letting the sweet flowing phrases of over the top shouting over come you too quickly.

There is nothing wrong with challenging what someone say. It's better to assimilate the truth now than going out representing this wrong version of it thinking you're right when confronting someone that no the truth and silently see you as as a fool.

This is how people are today when  looking at people that spent much of their time in Churches but say and act contrary to what scriptures say they should act.

There are people not in Christianity that know when people  in Christianity are acting outside of God. It seem they know about what the Bible say better than they. They know when people are acting stupid and want to get away from them. This is not the character one should claim if representing Christ and the Kingdom of a rational God to the outside.

Holiness or Un-denominational Christian Churches fall in this category. Presenting schizophrenia habits. Fools that doesn't know nor want to believe their talk are sounding ridiculous to others.

They,being taught or simply reading something into scriptures that's not there, run wild in their own thoughts, thus remaining a carrier, like a bad disease, of twisted Christianity that passed from generation to generation.

Knowing yourself and being able to tell what's real and unreal is a must for building a good child of God. Also knowing your functions as a soldier on the front line of battle is a must.

But when left to be taught by maniacs we have ended up as crazies tearing down the kingdom here on earth by turning others against God by our traditional actions.

Such an example was at an local hospital where a certain minister went around telling sick people to trust in the Lord and he will heal them. Then preceded to touch the patient while pretending to pray. They touched them on their head, then their arms, then their legs, then their stomach as though bringing about an healing through their powerful prayer.

Even pretending to speak in tongues saying , "I - lo- chok - co - lac - o -  ba - bars." which is interpreted, "I love chocolate bars" I guess.

Then they went on saying "God will heal you when you turn to him." People are laying on their backs in pain when they prayed and still on their back days after they're gone. This make the Lord look bad in patients lives when God don't deliver as the minister or pastor said.

But let's look at what just happen. First of all, if God wanted to heal you, and he doesn't, he would have done it long before you went into the hospital and thru surgery and long before you went to the doctor.

Why can't these lying pastors and loud mouth women do their healing at the Church before hand rather than wait until patients are out of the hospital and back in church then start raving jumping up down saying "want God do it" " Oh thank you Jesus."

Let me tell you again that this person also had a very close relative they rushed to the hospital for an operation in which their prayer of healing never worked on them. Entering the room they asked the patient, "have the doctor been to see you yet." .... Confusion!

Again, if this healing prayer was any good then where is the compassion of brotherly love.

Listen! If these so called faith healers were so in touch with loving your brother then why do they never pray for the rest of the sick people that need healing in the hospital and even in the room right next to them.

Are they or you racists in your prayers? Is this so-called prayer of healing limited to just black people in the same family or just white people or other races in the same family or room or rooms? Why disrespect each other when you claim brothers and sisters in the same faith? Either something is wrong with your style of religion or you are just liars on God wanting to be heard and seen, capable of nothing. Do God act this way? No! Is God going to intervene during and after the doctor has done his thing. No!

Again, why, if this healing was possible, would God think more of you than the next? What make you so great when you're done nothing greater than the next?

-----Yes, there are hundred's of Christians lying in hospitals all over depending and yes,thanking doctors for their recovery like they are suppose too. Afterward, we thank God, Why? Because all is God. Though indirectly it is directly because all is made possible from and through his creation of all the things that man may use to satisfy God's purpose for man on earth to go out away from him and we subdue, multiply and prosper from that he gave. ------. This is so simple a cave man can understand it. Or can they?

Yet, many slick willy pastors will tell you that God was in the hands of the doctors. No such truth!

Here's a fact that can't be disproved!  -- If God was healing he wouldn't share his glory with a doctor or an Easter rabbit's egg. Nor would he wait after you go to a doctor and get well. He would do it along and well before you go to a doctor and you will no it because it will not be hidden. Then all the glory would go to him. To God be the glory.

I run into so many people from different Christian Churches not living at all for God but have been taught enough twisted religion to actually think they are God material to attempt to pray for someone. But let me make this as plane as I can. Just because you call yourself a Christian doesn't mean you automatically gained some kind of power that cause you to go around claiming you can heal making liars of yourselves. Remember, the Church haven't succeeded in healing anyone or causing a great healing campaign in any hospital or anywhere in great numbers since Jesus in almost 2000 years and never will.

Those that think they can are are a bunch of lying people that's digging a hell grave for themselves for openly lying on God. Beside,  most that attempt such a thing are night riders that spend their time straddling the fence. That is, in the world most of the time and has only 5 percent for Jesus. Yet, they actually think they have some favor with God just because they know a little about Good to get in gatherings and fail.

I was not shocked to hear the same say, "I'm praying for you" or God bless you," "God is good," and the such. You're heard this plenty of time. But, as a Christian, you should start to listen and thinking before you open your mouth around someone that know when you are a lying and lying on God. Such will not enter the Kingdom of God. Not my word but the word of God.

--- Pastors have and are making billions of dollars planting false seeds. Seeds that are unable to produce. There are right ways to pray and understanding what you're praying for. If you do not change from your ways your crocked behavior will land you in hell.

Just asked yourself a Question. Can I heal? Do I have the power to Heal? Who have I healed? Who have God healed through me? And why you and nobody else? Why can't you heal others? Why can't I heal myself, I said I was a Christian? Why doesn't my Church go out to sick places and heal the sick as the pastor say rather than pretend at the Church? Why is the pastor sick? The Deacon and others? Why do they leave the very place of so called healing to go to outside doctors? Take some that say they can heal to any of these sick places and ask them to begin.

This you can rely and depend on. All will get sick and die. It is for everyone. The world cannot hold, bear nor feed people if no one or love ones never died. It is a promise from God. We hate it and don't like it a bit, but this is the order of things and no prayers will ever change this. So why don't Christians stop trying to accomplish sometime that's not meant to be and focus on what can be and that's love between us. Nothing more. This, is where we have failed and continue to fail.

Enough of this. I want to show you how to pray to God, for your self, for others, even night time prayer that you can add to or take away but knowing what you're doing not to lie in the face of who ever God has taking notes from time to time.

Prayers (hopes, desires, wants: - Pray - is to (open up one self to God)

Praying for the sick  or yourself or others is simple. Use "I, We," -- "Hope, Want, Desire or Prayer." All of these mean the same.  Where necessary.... Start out with " Father God or Heavenly Father".....  This is giving God the praise and Glory.....

"Father God I thank you in all things. For those standing in hope and for the one(s) in need of hope. I pray (opening up)  that they (you) be encouraged in understanding their (your) situation and be strengthen to endure it knowing that all will be well in due time, in Jesus name we pray. Amen."

Praying in a congregation: "Heavenly Father we give thanks for this occasion. Another day and time to glorify and honor your name through Jesus Christ our Lord. We pray that all be well with all through out the hours of our assembly, and that we be able to carry out, give and hear the word of God. That it be received freely to those that do not no it, and for those that do no it to become carriers of the word of God to others on the outside that they may also glorify his name in character and in attitude. May your Saints be even more blessed by their works.... in Jesus name we pray. Amen."

For night time prayers... "Heavenly Father, forgive me for my sins. I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family and I and the world. Thank you for (any one you desire). My desire is that all be well with them and myself. I pray that I am able to lay down my head this night and wake up in the morning along with my family and friends. I will do all I can to glorify your name.... In Jesus name I pray (in this case, pray is opening up). Amen"

There is no need for a long drawn out prayer that goes no where and full of impossible grumbling where the prayer end up lying on God and asking ridiculous things before they are finished. Such as "we pray God will do this or that. Not you, but God.

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