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The Church


Knowledge of the spirit led by the blind
Lies Told On The Spirit
Blind Leading The  Blind In Churches

Today is church day and when it is over nothing would have changed. The pastor would have told another great story to people unable to understand, collected money and wait until the next day of the sun to deliver another message to the same people unable to comprehend what they heard last Sunday and take another pay check home.

Today, loud speaking pastors will captivate the unsaved and they will cheer, not knowing what they cheer about. Some will lose their mind and fall all over the floor, for what reasons I do not know, except to honor the day of the Sun god. Only Satan’s spirits present screaming and hollering.

The pastor will lie and say this is the day the Lord has made. Partially true but Sunday is not the name God gave it or ordained it to be called. Nor did God give a particular day to worship him. But do require 24 hours of obedience service.

Catholic churches use to worship the sun for all it’s glory because of the energy and vitamins it gave to all things growing and for light. Now, today,  partial pagans worship and honor Sunday as the day the True God ordained, but not true.

Pastors will tell their congregation, that “God knows your hearts and minds.” They will say amen. I heard a pastor say this a few days ago. But this is not true. God do not have time to search billions of people hearts and minds every second of the day. He wouldn’t have time to rule Heaven if such was true. Makes no sense! God cannot save the world before he’s ready or his appointed time is reached.

God has never talked to a gang of people more less a billions or more. Yet, every sinner is running around claiming they have to wait on the Lord, the Lord told me this or that. I prayed to the Lord and he did this.  All lies. If I could get God to answer my prayers, why not ask for perfect health and a million dollars?

What is truth? Truth is when you are standing before God at judgment. At that time there will be no need to attempt to lie and think you will get away from his just decision for your life with a slick smile and talk. God knows what you did and capable of.  How can one fool the creator. That’s what this all mean.

Pastors have sent billions to their death with their lies. They have people all over the world saying stupid things about God and what he will do. When these people open their mouths, I say, boy,  they sound just like idiots. Then I wonder who was and is their pastors.

Why Books....
Here is a fact that has been wrongly explained and the main reasons people are going to hell for this worldly big lie that is literally sending people to hell by the truck loads. Listen and understand.

There is a reason for the Holy Bible just as there is a reason for other books and reading materials. They are to record the words and history of those wanting other to hear what they had to say. Books are recordings, biographies left behind of their and others thoughts and wants in books and papers to be preserved and pasted own so long after they are dead and gone their words live on.

Now! Key words to keep in mind are these: words, books, recording, biographies, dead, gone: emphasizes on dead and gone.

Christ is dead and gone, yet, live as a God with God in heaven away from human kind.... He nor God is on earth being ventriloquists in ears and hearts of billions of people telling them all different and silly things. Can you imagine what a mess this would be if God told each one a different thing. You can't get a clear description  from 20 or less people more less a billions. ...Pastors lie...

Now let get back to books or written words. In making the next fact, I am using "written word.".....

Listen up! We the church function from the written word of God delivered by Jesus Christ and written down by writers/disciples that followed and listened to what Jesus had to say and wanted people of the future to know also. His biography and the biography of God the Father who the word is.

The Spirit!
The word of God is his self, wants, desires, expectancy, must, got to be, have to be, will be as I say. "HIS (GOD"S) WILL."  The Holy Spirit is the word of God.  Absence of the word there is no Spirit. The written word is the Spirit of God. We would have no access nor knowledge of God or how God want us to be if there were no written words from God.

The only way for us to get these words were through Jesus, the Son of God. The one that knows more about God than we will ever know, whether here or there.

The Spirit words was written into Episciples, then written into a book we call the Holy Bible by writers/disciples that we have faith in that did record what the Spirit revealed back to them after the death and resurrection of Jesus. This same remembrance happens when we speak back in conversation to others that which we have heard and read in the past. Written words come back to our remembrance for discussions and conversation sakes.

Now! There is no such thing as a ghostly Spirit of the image of Jesus or God hovering no where on earth, whether in your bed room, in building or images in clouds. Not even for speaking to or being spoken to. Any one that say the difference is a liar and will remain hell bound until they stop spreading this lie to others.

The only reference we have to God and Jesus is in the written words on paper and that is all. This is why John eluded to books being written. Read the scripture below for proof.....

John 21:25...
Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

Why would something be written down? Because the person(s) is not around to personally tell it to us. Point blank!

People, you don’t have to sound like you're off your medication. Learn the truth and speak the truth. Read my entire web site and you will never be the same again. Your eyes will be open and you will never be in the dark again, unless you want to. Then think about it! .