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The Church
Just Stop The Lies Church People    

I am still waiting for all those that say God will do this or that to put an end to sickness, and disease. To close down and heal those in nursing homes. Heal those kids at St Jude hospitals. To pray to stop crime, to stop killings, to do away with funerals. What about praying to stop ISIS or not to have any one else in the world commit sin.

Sound stupid don't it? But no more silly than playing with God and deliberately lying on God saying God will do this and that if you pray and believe or say some silly saying that has not stop death, sickness or any of these things for over 1, 900 years since Revelation and well before.

These things must be until Jesus come to put an end them. Don't you know if such was possible no one love one's would ever die because no one want to see their love ones past?

Common sense ought to be learned that Jesus did not come to put an end to sickness and death. Neither Pain and worry. Even sorrow is part of life. This is how our world works. Proof! Show Proof!

What I would like to see is every one that has the knowledge of God's power to get with their churches and board planes to be dropped off in ISIS territory of Syria and Iraq and tell ISIS, "I command you to lay down you weapons cause no weapons form against me shall stand." By the way. Tell the protecting military you want to go in alone.

I guarantee absolutely not one church will volunteer to go. Not one minister or pastor will put together or start a mission to confront ISIS or any other terrorist group.

It's easy to pretend when you're safe and surrounded by military and police. Take these things away and you will be just like the Christians being killed along with other Muslims in other parts of the world where terror and murder take place every day while calling on others with guns and military to come rescue you.

I say again! It easy to talk gunk when you are protected with a military that protect your with nuclear weapons, submarine, airplanes and troops that has the United States surrounded and protected from other countries as does they.

Listen people! God just want us to love him, each other, keep his word, spread his word to those that do not know and those that fall backward and help bring peace to the world, build, multiply and take care of all living things whether on the earth or in the sea.

That's it in a nut shell, nothing more! There is no power of God working in you other than the power to do right. Any one saying other wise is a liar and should show mass proof which will never happen except on some corner where the weak is taking advantage of and not allowed to think.

Any volunteers to take a bible and go to ISIS territories and tell them "you better do what I say in the name of Jesus!".... I didn't think so! Now think abput it!________________________________________________________________