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Joyce Meyer's (Minister) Mind Control Scheme

Not only does Joyce Meter have millions of followers. She keep them bowing to her by using twisted phrases to keep them paying her money and buying her lying books that never work.

I recently watched a 3 minute segment by mistake, and caught her saying one of the most heart felt emotional convincing phrase that is universal in every Church and in the mouths of every slick scheming minister or pastor.

Here's what she said.... " God want you to do all you can". "Then when you can't do any more, then God take over."

You know, I would be the richest man in the world and you would too if God actually made all of us rich, wealthy or well to do, so they say, especially the poor that's always struggling doing all they can do if such a thing was true. You see the poor in your Church? Do you think they are not in need after doing all they can? Are you one?

It is a fact that over half of Americans call themselves Christians. It is a fact that most of them are poor, well to do folks that's always needing more. If needing more is the only time God will answer, according to Joyce Meyer, then he's been late for over two thousands years because the Christian poor has always been with us. Even Jesus said they would.

Matter of fact the poor every where are still waiting for this Joyce Meyer rendition of " trying to use God to do all your dirty work" to take place. Even using him to get out of something that you yourselves put yourself into after receiving all the warning signs of not, be careful.

Don't get me wrong. I would (wish) for Joyce Meyer and any other jack leg minister or pastor that uses this phrases to be right. But logics beg the difference. Impossibility become truth. The speaker become the liar with no proof to prove their statement. Nor can any other minister.

I just thought of this one and I must share it with you.......

"If God said it, I believe it" is another phrase that she is using that has been made a pastor's trademark in order to convince one to give to them if they believe. While this is true it is used in a twisted manner.

This lead to another particular phrase that is always following that one. It's, "Now it's time for that which all of us can participate in." Guess what this is? Money! All is a build up to money.

The poor must learn that wealth come to the rich messengers, speakers, pastors or whomever from the poor or weak minded. In the religious realm the poor is needed to sustain the rich, wealthy or well to do. The money which most speakers receive does not come from their rich buddies but from their congregations. The needy! The sick! The troubled.

God is not someone that's lurks around in petty people's problems. Nor in billions of people around the world problem at any time. Any one with common sense knows this would be a perfect world if such was so. No such thing as God in this person or that person or God love the rich and wealth more and that's why they have more than any one else.

But if the word of God would have been taught then this would almost be a perfect world. However, the word of God which Jesus brought to us has never took hold. I mean, "The love of God and each other." Let's not forget that the "Loving of God" carry a multitudes of do's and don't's. Obedience!  None of this has been taught. It's being talked about but never taught. You think about it!

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