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Iyanla  Fix My Life With a Gay Pastor

I keep hammering on this subject because it is the most deadliest sin to date destroying the people of God and undermining the word of God while those in church grow more and more silent, given in to the world without a single attempt of forming a military to fight back.

Many people are being misled and being turned away from the true will of God by many impostors of the Church. The bible speaks of a time when people will no longer believe in God but will be turned away by mighty men of high popularity with power to sway and convince many that what God said is not to be believed --- because what God said about gays is not right and he should be ashamed of himself. Therefore, we should not hold him to his word but cling to our own Constitution and laws to love any one we want to no matter who say otherwise.

Preachers today have reached a point to where they now believe in this new modern time where some how God has changed his mind and now no longer believe that the right to love and procreate is the right of a man and a women only but also the right of same sex. -- And even granted them rights to alter their bodily creation by altering their sex through surgery.

These coward of ministers are so convincing in twisting God’s word that many will follow and believe them right on into hell.  For they have become warriors for Satan, growing an army of wickedness faster than growing corn planted in a manure field. An army of Satan warriors in human form working toward preparing the way for Satan’s throne here on earth.

How can people continue on living in complete ignorance being blind to reality. Blind to that which is right before their eyes, but unwilling to take a stand while waiting for others. Having pity and feeling sorry has reshaped the heart of parents when family members fall victim. 

A  problem is people gone mad following after pastors because of their appearance, ability and wealth rather than teaching how to satisfy God through character. Yes, Following after madmen with no ability to save, change or make new. False shepherds that cannot change nor tell the truth for fear of losing money and power.

I believe, like most believe about terrorists, that the greatest sin there is today is the gay movement.  It has expanded all around the world in most major countries with the help of Churches and other religions. Why is it the greatest sin today? Because living a wanting gay life is most unrepentant when compared to other sins carry a greater will to repent from.

Many will say a sin is a sin and there is no greatest sin found in the bible. But I will differ with this because homosexuality tamper with God's very creation of building a race of people. It prevent him from completion. Therefore, homosexuality is not just a sin but the greatest sin against God. ...That's my take!

So, since it's the people in the world that make up the church, so it is only fair to say it is the church that has not done it’s Godly duties but allowed it to be taken over both inside and out by fellow members not knowing how to do their jobs.

The church has long been the false church breading false pretenders that say they are righteous but fall for filth and unrighteousness with out thought or concern, yet, at the same time, condemning it. The confusion of not knowing lie squarely on the pastor’s lack of knowledge and lack of proper teaching of the people going back nearly 1,900 years ago.

Here’s a thought I just though of! It is, if one calling themselves a Christian, once believing in the word of God, but now find themselves believing in same sex love and marriage, can only be summed up with this! Either they never was a Christian or they have fallen. In any case they are lost to God until repentant, if God allow for it.

What’s so scary about this is that, will God be so forgiving toward you or them after you,  first knowing God, then deliberately vote and go against him knowing first hand how God feel about such filthy behavior.

It would be a shame for one to accept gay behavior, spend all your time believing they are going to heaven in a heavenly blitz, only to awake standing before the Second Throne Judgment that ends in hell fire with a big surprise on their face trying to explain to God why they help poison the race he created. Then,  later to be tortured for centuries or for a while before finally ending their existence and any further knowledge of the world to come.

People go to church believing they spent their work days in harmony with Christ no matter their sins. But they also believe, like their  pastors, that God loves gay people. The truth is that God does not love gay people. He said he hate sin and no one should lie down with the same sex. Period!

Let me tell you just how bad the church is disappointing to the kingdom of God. What I’m going to say is happening all over America in nearly every false church.

I watched  an episode of Iyanla Vanzant Fix my life produce or aired by permission of Oprah Winfrey. It featured two sorry worthless gay pastors struggling with their identity. These were guys pasturing large churches for years. They claim they were pastors of God.

As pastor, they should have been shepherds handling problems of their congregation. But instead, needed an outside sinner to call on, to listen, agree and fix their own filthy lives to further taint the minds of their own congregation. The wanted Diana help them get the nerves to confess before their congregation they were gay and had multiple sexual affairs with other men for years while preaching gay life style was wrong in church.

Yes, they contacted Diana, their God. She told them to listen to her and not the word of God. That God do accept who they are and they should be proud of who they are. That God enjoy the gay life style and they should not be ashamed to stand in the pulpit before their congregation and tell them they are gay. That some will accept them and some will not but it will be all out in the open.

Diana was so filled with Satan that she sat in church urging them on as she sat on the side, as God, as one pastor stood at the pulpit in the black preacher’s persona and told the congregation he were gay.... Looking at them I’m quite sure these church people knew they were gay or is wearing a mighty big pair of horse blinders. The gay look, character and appearance was always before them.

As I thought would happen did happen. Most of the people in church praised and congratulated them and still wanted them to be their pastor. If this ain’t messed up, you tell me what is. Here, the majority of the church has long turned their souls over to Satan. Now you tell me this wasn't a false church? Pleasingly, there were a few that left the church.

Church people needing people like Oprah and Iyanla to teach them how to act righteous is like Satan throwing Jesus a birthday party while making all the plans, to include a whore jumping out of the cake. It's ridiculous!


Now, here’s where I get confused with people that feel they have to go to a building or think they have found some really wonderful powerful minister or pastor to follow behind and have so call God Sunday moments. This is, how can anyone these days sit in church pretending like God don’t know how sorry the church has become, pretending and lying on God like they are really in touch with him while gays continue to move forward unafraid of God's punishment.

I feel sorry when I see people all dressed up in suits and big hats heading to church not knowing they are accomplishing nothing. People so mislead not knowing they are mislead, living a life of lies being express in church. I feel the same sorry when I see pastors with their large chest stuck out as though they really are servants for God.


People are being mislead by people like Oprah and Iyanla, and unlearned pastors. They teach you that every thing is all right when hell has landed. But help can still come through better raising of our children.  You can do this by teaching a boy by a man or woman to be a boy from early age and a girl to be a girl. Each being taught on those things pertaining to their own particular sex. This can help many. -- Although the battle has been lost, it is still time to save a few.

Do your job and stop acting stupid and silly hanging out in some building doing nothing. If you think I’m wrong, then tell me what the church has really done for God in the last 1,900 years or so? Nothing! You must stand for something. What do you stand against?

The greatest sin to attack the world to date and threaten creation is the gay life styles, and laws made to give them the same rights as those of actual marriage couple that belong to a man and a woman only. 

Only a few shall be with Jesus…. When will you armor up and come out from among the world.Fight for something or die for nothing! Never be satisfied! Remember, millions said there would be no rain nor flood. They stuck together and all died except 8 people that dared to be different. That believed in 1 man they felt was telling the truth. Noah! They lived!  Think about it!