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It is a fact, most people do not under stand the Bible. Mostly pastors teaching things not biblical but because they are pastors they can get away with it. The problem with this is that anyone caught up in their antics will fall into the same delusional trap of Satan and thus hell bound.

We live in a time where people no longer use their common senses. Where thought and conscious is left up to someone’s else opinions. Where Bible words of God are no longer used as the basic building blocks of all that is God. People have no will nor care to compare the word of God to what is being taught to them. They are just an audience…..

It is a fact that most of what is being and has been taught has been 80% lies. Just as it is a fact that most that claim Christianity are just thieves and wolves in sheep clothing pretending to be Godly through self good works, attitude and character.

Many people are unaware that they are followers of sinful cults claiming God and Jesus as their inspiration for their behavior. But they are charmers that enjoy charming and being charmed.

One such Church I have been hearing about from credible sources that have charmed people with twisted lies are being taught by a Church in James City, NC where it is said the pastor and his wife have their members calling them “mother and father.”

Why and what do this have to do with God is “nothing?”  “Nothing” except foolishness and knee bending mind controlling demanding throne worship me power over their weak minded followers.

It’s sad to say but one of the greatest facts I can ever tell any one is that the kind of Christian Church services that exist today and have existed going back well over 1900 hundred years  are not the intended type of religion God sent forth from Christ.

For it is filled with nothing but liars. Liars that spend every Sunday listen to lies and telling lies. It has to stop. The games and showmanship has to stop. The jokes and story telling has to stop. Telling people God will heal them at the Church but not in the hospitals has to stop. No liars shall enter into heaven.

Are you a liar? Let’s see! Say something God did especially for you (except sending Jesus to die for your sins). Can your prove it? Did he really? Why you and no body else? Are you stumped and amazed? It’s not your fault.

For more clearer understanding of how to worship God, please visit my website. I welcome any challenge. Think about it!

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