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The Bible must be a Fairly Tale Book to Many, Especially to Pastors

Revelation 22:19, And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

The verse above is clear. But let me point out a much clearer part of it I want you to focus on. It's, "if any man take away from the words of this book." .......... This book is what we call the Holy Bible or life's extension as I call it.

The reason why most people, and especially those in the United States, act the way they do is because the Bible has never been taken seriously. It's been treated like a book taught to a child like a bunch of nursery rhymes that feel them with joy and laughter then moves on to the next story. Rhymes that can be remembered but not necessary useful for life.  We call these nursery rhymes, 'fairytales" or "amusement."

Fairytales are also interesting fiction (not real) books and novels that sometime use monsters and super heroes of myths and legends to peak the reader's interest. This keep them eager to read the next novel and see how their favorite hero will save the day.

These followers know the stories are not real but take their characters and story portrayal and lines serious but not seriously enough to believe it. That is, a super figure single handily flew up by his own strength and saved the world by smashing with his fist a gigantic asteroid  that burst into billions of tiny particles thus saving earth from the dirty deeds of the Space Raiders. Hooray!!! I'm ready for the next wait sequel.

When I meet people that call themselves Christians but act like the world around them after having a lifetime of going to Church, I can only see them as a child. A pitiful grown up, that through out their lifetime in Church, has been taught the bible but in a nursery rhyme form that has kept them from truly grasping who God is.  No one taking the bible serious but turning the word of God into  a "story time" for Sunday morning listners.

Most people in Church have a knowledge of God but only through a story format. Many can repeat scriptures and Bible stories but can't grasp the meaning of what they hear long enough to eat, swallow and keep it down before throwing it back up.

Being in the form of nursery rhymes, the hearer has come to an understanding of enjoying the stories but care nothing about applying these theories to their lives. People have come to enjoy these stories quietly as the pastor perform an on the stage act with flaring hands and loud tweaking voices of different sounds for their amusement.

The audience listen with smiles and laughter all the way to the end. They then gather themselves, their garments, look toward each other, and say words of "wasn't that a good sermon. " But many can hardly remember anything about what was said. If repeated by another they will  then say "yea, I remember that."

They can remember the funny jokes made by the pastor but never coming to the understanding of the truth or what it mean. Not even the pastor know and follow what they preach. If they did they would be more of a serious pastor. A serious pastor able to teach while agiving his subjects or followers the knowledge to leave from them and carry the gospel to someone and somewhere else.

I often say to people when I meet them in a religious conversation to get them thinking,  I ask, " If you died right now what good would you be to God." You'll be surprise by the silent and no answers I get. If you can't give an answer you need to think about your relationship with the Lord.

The answer you should give is this, "God could use me because I posses the spiritual will of God to obey, Love, defend, promote and create the same through out the kingdoms of God wherever he place me."

There's no such thing as a part time Christian or half of a sinner. That is, crossing the street to get in any kind of a car as long as it take you where you want to go. It matters not what happen along the way. Who you meet. What you do or arriving late. If questioned you simply say. "I tried." Not good enough!

A Christian must stay on their toes at all time being watchful and knowing the right roads to take while riding in the vehicle designated for you. Thus, arriving ahead of time to meet Jesus just in case he's delayed.

In closing, stop treating the Bible like you would fairytale nursery rhymes. Being treated as this has taken away the meaning and cause for why God put his word in writing the first place.

Look around you and over America and the world. Does it look like the word of God has been followed. Keep it up and you will end up in hell....  Smart, but in hell. ......Cute and funny, but in hell. ..........Rich and loaded, but in hell. ....

Start to eat the word of God and swallow it for a change. You will find out it really do taste good and good for you.  .....You think about it!

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