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Is God talking to people like you‘re being taught?

The answer is a big fat no! Not only is God not watching you,  but he’s positively not talking to you. This is one of the biggest lies that renegade pastors and ministers have ever told in the history of any religion.

There are no religions and especially in the Christian religion where no one truthfully can say since Revelation that God thought so much of them that out of billons of people on earth he held a conversation with them only.

If there’re anyone in the world that claim God spoke or speak to them I would like to hear from them and know what he said and why he said it to them?

Yes! Why he picked them to tell what ever he said to that person that have no way to get what ever they talked about to the rest of the world with any proof or believability in it. 

Let’s say he did. Wouldn’t the Bible have to be rewritten again to include what ever he said? If not I wouldn’t know about the change that may affect my salvation? ……and Jack jump over the candle stick… I’m in hell because of a change I knew nothing of. …God speaking to people….. I don’t think so…. Highly unfair and a big fat lie!

Lunatics are having a ball pretending to be prophetess, prophets, God’s man of the hour, mind readers, God sent, lying tongue speakers, God’s woman of the hour, too bless to be stress liars, God gave me this and that. But in the end they are slick wolves. (you need to read my website bad.


Here’s a good one: “I got up this morning to preach on another subject but God laid it on my heart to speak about this instead and you got to do what God tell you, ain‘t that right Church!” The Church say yeaaaa! BAM! The pastor just lied on God and got his people to lie with him.

“God’s laid it on my mind to come speak with you.” That’s another lie! How about: “God will not let this or that happen because he told me every thing will be alright.” That’s another lie!

What about: “ We could be any place else, but God wanted us to be here.” This is a great big lie made famous by women.

A short bit…

I recently saw a show where a woman became so fat that the walls had to be cut out to get her out. Here’s what she said toward the help she was receiving from the situation she put herself in. “ Thank you Jesus,”
as though Jesus  told her to eat her way into bed and now sent her help through this TV personality as though God cared about her self causing suffering and no one else. Not true. Another lie.

Then a lady off the street spoke to the camera and stated, “this is the power of God.” Another lie. What do God have to do or care about any one volunteering to get fat. This person certainly would say God told her to say what she said if asked.

How the wrong continue…

Why do we always use the name of God in every situation and condition no matter what’s said or done? Where did we get such backward disrespectful conduct and behavior against God from?

How did this mixed up serving type praise of God find it’s way on to the lips of those calling themselves Christians?

And who is responsible for spreading such lies causing people, mainly in the United States, to lose out on their salvation because of these made up waves of constant  lies and putting on?

There can only be one responsible person. The Pastor. The Teacher. The one in charge. The shepherd. The care taker. The super liars of all time.

All of whom have built great churches off their lies and bad teaching. They are unwilling to listen and repent for money powering sake but keep control over their members with clever phrases like, “God called me and when God call you, you got to move.”….. Or….

“I’ve been sent to you by God” ……..“and “whoop” you’re been struck by a “smooth operator” (Michael Jackson song) and you’re  too caught up to “Beat it!”

Christian Mingle…. Twisting the scripture

Here’s one I think you’ll recognized. It’s a commercial for a hook up sight for so-called Christian to Mingles. It state a big lie call “God’s match for you.” It’s statement is, “we wait for God to make the next move when God is telling you to make the next move.”

What a lying commercial and the sinful people behind it . It has thousand of ignorance people thinking God is concerned with who they go with, matched up with or even who they marry.

Goes does not run our lives. We do! It is we that create and develop the proper attitude and character to show ourselves approved of God and not the other way around. If God ran our lives it would be perfect.   

Using God’s name is a technique to keep one in false hope through twisted scriptures of which they cannot understand nor explain themselves.

For example:1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

First of all, sinners can give thanks but it’s wasteful words toward the true God and can only be directed toward the god of this world whom they truly serve with their worldly life styles. Satan!

Yet, the pastor will have them think they do not  have to be a true servant of God but just a partial participator from time to time at certain chosen times and  special events.

These think by mentioning God’s  name or praying over food and etc., make them ready for the kingdom just as a true worshiper.

But only a true servant can truly give grateful thanks. A true servant adhere to the word or the will of God with out justification to adhere to the things of this world that are contrary to the will of God.

A Christian know when he or she are in the right or wrong. They know how to treat or how they want to be treated by others. They, at all time, are able to see sin, despise it and speak out against it for the main purpose of being ministers  to those that are blind and misled for the satisfaction of God..

The reason for the Bible or any other books are for gathering information ,then processing this information in order that one may know it from the heart when books cannot be found. 

What you now have in you is the word of God. God has no need to remind you of what is already within you or suppose to be within you.  The written word is the only word you’re going to receive or hear from God or Jesus. That’s the reason it was written down and not personally taught to each one individually.

With billions of people on earth or maybe on other planets, God wouldn’t have time to get back to each of us because some where someone would forget because God, being too stretched out, didn’t spend enough time with them to graduate them and would have to rush back to teach them all over again and again ……
“NASA we have a problem” ……

Wait a moment! Beside, God wouldn’t be doing all of this any way. He can’t.  Then why do pastors always state God did this or that. God just lay the frame work and others carry through with it.

That’s why there were prophets and disciples ……. What God said through the prophets and Christ are written down in a book form for us!

When can we safety say God said …..

We can safely quote God from scripture by saying God said this and that from Bible scripture. But to say “God told me” is to say you know, met and even seen God first hand. We all should no that is a lie.

Even when you hear the many slick saying like “he did this” or “he made a way for me “or “with out God I could not have done it” or “God helped me get this job” or “God was with me” or God has been good to me” you’re going to think on these things when they say it and say. You lie!

All of us are only here because of God goodness not to blow this sinful place away. And you know by our brutal history that this world should have been taken out of it’s place a very long time ago. But by grace
God knows best and give man time to repent.  Even if a few repent it is good.  Amen!

So, what have we learned. We learned that most in the Church are liars. That they must change. That they must challenge the pastor or any one approaching you with such behavior.

When you go to church to be told what you already know, you’ll be disappointed with the pastor after hearing them tell so many lies instead of teaching the true word of God which is not being taught. Another story.

There will come a time when God will talk to you. Whether you want to hear what he has to say at that time is solely up to you.

You will be hurt listening to your pastor. You’ll try to believe him but these thoughts will never leave you again. You’ll never be the same again. Welcome to the age of  “ALUMINATION.“ You think about it!  More at

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