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  Bishop, B E Ward
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The Church

Please do not get angry when I challenge you with the word of God. I would not have to if one would stop lying on

God. People are dying all over and billions are sick. No one in their right mind see where God is saving them.

People have plenty of time to heal any one, but remain silent until they past. No sooner than they see their way clear

they come right back with their lies again. . Saying God do things he do not do is a lie told on God. Every one that

persist in this campaign against God will hear from me. This is my duty as a minister and a warrior for God to call

you out. By the way. Being a Christian cannot make me say stupid things. You are supposed to be smart. Don't let

these false prophet lie and take your money and turn you from God by agreeing to their lies. Ask them to prove

what they say. Proof is what Jesus showed when he rose from the grave. When he declared himself to be the Son

of God through his miracles. His miracles was known far and wide. Ask where is their proof.. ... By the way, don't

you think poor people would be rich if being a Christian gave us power to change our physical life style.

Think about it.