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Is God Really Watching Us As Pastors Say?

Well, the answer is yes and no! Some may not want to hear this but it is a hard job retraining those that for so long have been heading in the wrong  direction thinking this is where I really want to be. If no one stop you in time you will continue on until you drop off a cliff ahead caused by a washed out highway that few warned about and most paid no attention to.

The lack of knowledge of God is not all your fault that you or they cannot see no further than a short distant in front of you.  All it take is to hold up your head and start paying close attention to what’s around you. Become the driver and paying less attention to the back seat driver. Your safe arrival depend on you, the driver.

But it’s bad teaching that cause one not to think on his own or outside the box that eventually will created a dead mind stuffed and stuck  in a dark place. Find tuned to believe in anything without a challenge thought until all are believing, thinking and speaking the same things not knowing what is real or not.

For example, a cat can fly if God want it to. You believe this even though God has never intended for a cat to fly and you never seen a cat fly but one day  you hope, because it’s possible to see a cat fly because the pastor said God can do it and will do it.  But in actuality, God will never give cats power to fly. If so, then there would be flying rats for the flying cats. Oucccchhhhhh!!!!!

Besides, God has no reason to take interest in whether a cat flies or not. God could care less whether you flunk or past your English test or whether you should go to a doctor or not or God has no intentions of giving you a car. He’s not a car dealer …….I dropped the other in to help some catch up……..

But now your mind is, once again, cluttered with impossible thoughts and beliefs that God never had intentions for it to be but the pastor said it’s true.  So it must true. So you walk around believing God can make a cat fly. Wasteful thought.  

Let’s move on. This may have been too deep and I can only hope to rescue a few. (notice I used “rescue” instead of ‘save”. Using the world “save” would cause some smart one to quickly lash out, “you can’t save anybody,” so I use rescue which mean the same. Gotcha!)

You don’t have to believe me but in time like every one else what I say will never leave your mind again. Like I always say, you will never be the same again. Your old thoughts will be challenged by your new learning and as much as you try to fight against truth you will not win.

I only want your eyes to be open just like the Bible say, and your understanding be enlighten. When this happen you can then see. Really see that much of what you have been told is in direct contradiction to what you should have been taught accordingly to what the Bible really say. Especially, the New Testament.

Now let’s get back to “ is God really watching us?” I said yes and no. I will make this short and sweet. First, the answer is No! No he is not watching us.

God does not sit in a chair peering into a smaller version of earth, like a crystal ball, all day long, day in and day out for thousands of years with his hands under his chin and elbow propped on a table as pastors present him, never moving but watching every move that billions of people make.

No! God is not speaking or doing things for absolutely no one. He is not answering billions of people prayers all at once. He never intended for it to be this way and has never ever done it. That’s a fact no one can disprove.

We better be glad God is not watching and basing our worth on what he see and what the world has become or all hell would have broken loose on earth a long time ago. This world we live in today is much worst than Sodom and Gomorrah ever was. Especially right here in the United States where all filth are acceptable and defendable.

It took awhile for God to take note to the filth of Sodom and Gomorrah. But he, like us today, gave the people of Sodom and Gomorrah an appointed time to fix themselves which they continued to fail.

We have an appointed time. So the rotten filth that most of the world seem to enjoy and getting away with ,for now, will continue and pastors will continue to ignore the greater happening and say God is please at how well humanity has improved and Satan will smile with them and say, “you tell ‘em reb.”

Any way, there are others, like Jesus, the Son of God  and other Angels of appointed authority, that from time to time keep up with changes made here on earth and report this to God the Father, the president, the governor, the owner of the business.  It’s called a delegation of duties. Businesses and governments run the same way…..  (Notice: Let your thoughts run free. You are being freed from bondage of the mind and spirit. It’s a good thing.)

Now, for the yes! Yes God might take a peek or two or a small look see, not watching. However, I don’t believe He has time for this. He take an occasional report from those delegated. There is a possibility that he hasn’t paid attention to humanity since the time of the Seven Churches in Revelation.

No mention of such proven interventions since.  Proof of this could be no interventions at all in past murderous and climatic stages of our brutal and modern world history. A history of blood shed mostly conducted by the so-called Church and other craze religions that are allowed today to continue on murdering both the mind and body.

Humanity has a course that must be followed and Saints of God are here to plot that course in the absent of Christ by carrying on the work of God, through Christ, in humanity until the return of God the Christ.

The Bible speak of someone taking names and keeping up with things you and I do in our lives so when you stand before God you have no excuse.

Listen and think very hard. Do you actually think God is the one taking note? If so, then God does every thing, therefore have no use for Angels or anyone.  This make no sense because it do away with Angels and Jesus as workers of God. They are there to serve God. We are here to server God.

If God did it all, there would be no need of servants. Of any one else. No need for creation. But here we are as servant working to please God and do his will here on earth. Not us begging God to do it for us.

Another question will be is what is the role of Jesus? He’s the right hand of God. Is he the one watching? No! Again, there is a delegation of duties. Not even God the Jesus would do such a low task though is a gigantic one.

To sum it all up with to the question, “is God watching us?” The answer is no! But yes, through the help of others for preparation of Judgment day. And before it, the appointed time must come to a past.

Then woe upon the inhabitants of earth, for God himself after thousands of years of  free love now look upon humanity that turned against him, that took blessing and shook their fits at his words, and find them unworthy to continue as is. For corruption and filth has once again over taken the great cities and nations of the world.

And the Saints say, “Come Lord Jesus, Come.”  Change you life and change your way of thinking. Open your eyes and see. It’s not hard to discover the truth. You’ve been told.  Prove to God that you will be ready when he come or if you shall die before he come.

God can’t use stupidity. Challenge what you are told. God hate a liar. If you help spread a lie the Bible say no liar shall enter heaven. This include your great pastor too. Pastor, start telling the truth. Your life depend on it also.

I recently spoke with a minister I’ve been ministering to belonging to a Church under other pastors. He replied to me that after his eyes has been open and he began to really listen to pastors, he stated, “they do noting but lie.” 

Become a great warrior, a teacher. Read more at my sight You think about it.

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