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In Vain Do They Worship Me Right On

Many went to church today and the results has been nothing.  Nothing has been accomplished toward salvation for the people or for the purpose of God.

This is the norm for today churches. Make noise but no headway. Constantly falling backwards not  knowing or caring which way you fall . Constantly traveling on the broad road keeping clear of the narrow road of understanding and truth traveled by a few.

We are engaged in a mockery of the gospel where slick and loud mouth pastors are turning and have turned many away from the Lord with their prosperity preaching of money into their own pockets….. and in order for you to receive gimmicks.

Gimmicks that say you must give to their ministry or God will smite you down by causing your life to spiral down into sickness and  woes, not to mention the best trick of them all, “God will take from you and give to some one else that’s given.

What a bunch of manure! No such thing! Just a way to scare you out of your money. None of this has anything to do with salvation. These pastors and TV ministers not only scare billions of dollars out of the pockets of the poor, but even take the change jingling in the corners of their pockets also.

The Church is not and has not done the will of God for nearly 1900 years. It was long taken over by greedy pastors and slick willies with lies about God given and taken care of you. No such thing!

Yet, people are so gullible that they will believe anything to get something for nothing. Does not work as the bible tell us, but sit around and beg God to death.  Do not use your  brain, which God gave you, and go to a doctor when sick, but wait for God to heal you because you are something special.

Besides, why should I take my money and give to a doctor when I can let God take care of me and I can take my money and buy drugs, liquor or a pack of cigarettes.  ….. I have no right to take responsibility for my self.

Pastor and ministers have created some of the silliest and sorriest people. They  think their constant nagging and winning and begging of God is the type of people God is desiring. But it’s just the opposite. No one want to be around any one  that can’t function on their own.

Especially those that live in an imaginary spectrum of make believe, like a child that plays with an imaginary playmate at tea party  time. Yet, most people think God is about nothing but given, when it’s just the opposite. …..It’s you that must give to God.

It’s you that must show your worthiness.  It’s you that must prove to God you are worthy enough to be saved in the end. That you can handle any job after death he assigns you to. That you can make your way and accomplish your task without him having to tell you what to do and especially doing your job for you.

I constantly hear  people say “God did this  for me” or “I called on God for this  and he gave it to me’ is simply lying. God did not place us here to be our slave, but just the opposite. That’s why he insisted that we “do his will“…. I will say this again… “We do his will.” Not he do our will.

People are saying things that only prove to those that are learned that they are far from being ready for salvation.  The bible say,  they “worship him in vain” and there are many that does this from the hip hoppers, the lovers of it, the radio listeners to the body shakers. From the gossipers, mean spirited, to the out right liars.

Liars are what I find that grip America. Churches are full of it and those that attend them cannot stop lying or want to. Every Sun day or day of the sun they gather together for make believe while pretending that God is doing so much in their lives right up to death.

I find it hard to believe, but it’s true, that nearly every one that claim Christianity has not, nor cannot, for ten’s of  centuries see that which is right before their eyes. 

1. That sickness in the past have wipe out billions of people through diseases, hunger and drought. God did not intervene.

2. That the world suffered while millions died through many wars around the world, even in world war 1 and world war 2. God did not intervene.

3. Storms of all sorts killed millions on land and sea and continue to do the same right up to this time and era. God still has not intervene.

4. In fact, things are worse now with all the different kinds of religions good or bad all challenging his religion of Him through Jesus Christ and God still has not intervene.

5. Israel fight for survival every day as her people are killed because of hate,  yet, considered his once chosen people (read more on chosen people on my web site) God has nor will he intervene.

6. ISIS and other religious groups terrorize the world, murdering, looting and killing hundred of thousand of innocence people because they will not sub come to their ideology of religion. But God has not nor will he intervene.! We have to fix it.

Yet, with all of this happening around the world, vicious things, yet, church people think God sees  a runny nose, a bill, a stomach ache, a loan, getting a degree  or getting in a certain college, a job, getting in a choir, being on a deacon board, giving people money or making them rich more urgent and important  than the lives lots through catastrophic events where he did not intervene. What make you think you are better than these?

What I want you to see is that God is not involved in our lives and has not been and is not suppose to be. There is no where in recent history that any one can show an intervention from God or God being anywhere down here on earth.

I said it before and I will continue to say it,  any one that say God is or Jesus is on earth or intervening in individuals lives is a liar. It matter not what their rank in your churches are, if they say God is, they are liars.

As I end, I want you to be reminded that if and when God decide to intervene, the whole world will no about it and know who did it.

The Bible said, “every eye shall see him.” This mean all who are still living at that time will see him.

God also said , “no one knows the time nor the hour he shall appear.” So if this be so, and it is, then those that claim they talked with God, God told them this or that or God is doing this for them are just flat out liars according to the bible scripture.

Now who do you believe? Your pastor or God!

Learn who God is and why he is not a play toy.  Why he hates liars. Read my web site and live at judgment. Continue on and let lies send you to hell at judgment.  To be a Christian mean to do the will of God just as close to right as you can.

By the way, righteous, means right. I am talking about the WILL of God. You cannot be righteous without being right. People will say, you think you know everything or who made you perfect.

Yes, one may talk and say such a thing as told to them by the devil, but according to God, you got to be right to be righteous. This is the WILL of God. Truly this is the false church…. Think about it!