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The Church

Week Catch Up

In vain do they worship me

We are living in times where the name of Jesus and God is thrown around like a slab of beef. God has been reduced down to nothing more than a bank. A place where loans are taken out but no one want to make payments.

They took the money, bought the merchandise, then show boated or told their friends how great or great looking that product was, but deep down doesn't want to pay back that which they agreed to pay to keep it.

So many make a few payments, get tired of paying then quit. From then on the phone is ringing because some one on the other end, that is the loaner, want to get in contact with you about their money.

You refuse to answer the phone hoping the loaner would just go away and forget about you. Thus, you have a free ride or I mean free stuff or money.

In the mean time you are enjoying the merchandise you think you are getting away with.

You are so happy with it that when asked, you're not afraid to tell others who financed it. In fact, you praised the loaner as a great place to apply for a loan.

Yes, you tell others it's a great place to get a loan like it's normal. You actually feel no sorrow or have a conscious against your behavior.

Your word mean nothing anymore because you decided to break your promise with the company. The company fulfilled it's promise to you, and was there when you needed it, but you felt you got what you wanted and no longer need them.

You even think back to using this company again when you see other things you need it's help with hoping over years they've forgotten about you.

Maybe some of you have picked up what I'm getting at. If not, let me explain.

I read many false speeches and clever remarks about God, written by people that go to church and borrow just enough of the word of God with no intentions of living by it every day.

They accepted Jesus as dying on the cross to save them from sin and thus, hell.  Agreed to paying him back by living a life pleasing before whom ever sight is watching and keeping records on your or our lives.

But many have decided to once again not pay the debt they owe or keep the agreement made when they/you supposedly gave your life to God.

Rather, like with some loan payments, many have decided not to make full payments but think they are smart or getting over by making partial payments.

Well, partial payments are not wanted. The company take it but add on late charges that grow the dept even more. Without making full payments until the debt is paid you will never own the item you have.

Pretending to worship God in all your bad habits only make you that much worse in attempting to serve Him. Jesus said "in vain do they worship me." Part time worship want do as many in the Christian church does.

Many have no intention of giving their whole life over to God, as they agreed to. They think that if they say or give some backward advice to others this will somehow make the,"recorder of life" pass them off before God as someone that didn't have the "will" but had the "desire." Therefore, this desire should stand for something.

Well, your desire want cut it. Having a desire to get a drink of water want get you water. But the "will" to go all the way or to go get it will satisfy your thrust. The thrust is what you seeked to kindle. Being approved by God to live forever is what you seek in Heaven.

People want to cheat and scam like they always have and some how think God will forget their debt and promises to him and some how slip in over the fence rather than coming through the door.

Many people through speeches want you to believe they are this and that in their beautiful words of comfort they come to say to others. But as someone that want pay their debt as promised is in actuality only sounding brass. Just making loud noises pretending to be something theyre, yet, still unworthy.

Making loud noises for Jesus's sake in attempts to sooth others mean nothing to God no matter how sweet and arranged your remarks sound. You're no more than an advise giver that cannot follow your own advise or promises of serving God.

It's a fact! Most people worship God in vain. I'm not making this up. It's bible written long before l was born. Jesus saw it then and knew it would continue within the his church. Why? because man want last to long before going back to what he or she really love and want to do. Their thrist for the world is too deep. That why God's people are few and not as great in people as you see today.

All one have to do is look around and hear many speak of God. You can also witness the evil within this mix. Many can't because no one has given them a reason to. Being blind is acceptable when there are no one around to help you see.

Being a Christian is not going to church neither giving advice. It's serving God with all your heart and soul 24 hours a day.
It's learning the true intent of the will of God and acting in accordance. This separate the true Christian from the pretending Christian.

Paying your bill to God is an lifetime commitment. Some may say we don't owe Christ. But for what he's done for us, we do. If we want what he got, we better.

A TRUE Christian, which is as rare as a newly discovered antiques, speak out against all and every one that threaten the creation of humanity through blasphemy of the word of God. The have real love and know how to administer it evenly among all men. If not, get out of Christianity.

Character, attitude, actions and truthful knowledge of God presented to others by you must be seen and told as truth.
Having the understanding and vision to rightly determine the truth is a must. If, not, get out of Christianity.

In todays Christian churches much of the truth is tainted. Many have taken out loans and taken out credit but refuse to pay their debt as representatives of the loans. They walk on both sides of the fence making partial payments. But in the end most will hear from God,  "You thought you were fooling me." "But in vain did you worship me." "Now depart from me you worker of sin." "I do not know you." .... Now think about it!