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The Church


Church was held yesterday for worship. This mean that for all those that went to worship, worship is no longer needed out side of church nor today or the rest of the next 6 days.

No more 10 or 11 o’clock worship for Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday or any of these morning. Why?

If worship is just for one day then all those that believe this, is without a sense of God’s presence today. You are capable of all kind of sin without fear. You are empty and have no choice but to return to old sinful habits over and over because you believe God can only be pursued in true worship on Sunday in a particular building.

People believe asking forgiveness can not be asked anytime any place, but must go without asking God for six days to wait for church to start.

Then they must wait for the pastor to call them. Stand before an altar and wait while the pastor ask them to give themselves over to the Lord, or “is there anybody that want to give themselves over to the Lord“, another phrase coming from the pastor.

In other word, forgiveness can only be given, and God forgiveness will only be accepted if you go to a church and go through a pastor. Wow!… It then will only be binding if you join the church, come often and keep your tithes paid. Wow!

So, what false belief do we have here? 1. Your worship must be done in a building, wrong! 2. I cannot worship unless I’m in a building with other worshipers, wrong! 3. I cannot ask forgive unless in a church by a minister or pastor, wrong! 3. Worship is only one day of the week, wrong! 4. I cannot ask forgiveness other than before a pastor, wrong! 5.If I do not pay my tithes at this church I’m going to hell, wrong! 6. I am  a Christian if I go to churches, wrong! 7. I’m better than the person that do not go to church, wrong!

Worship is 24 hours a day. Forgiveness can be asked any time any place. Going to church these types of churches does not make you a better person. In fact, it has created the hate that challenge us right here in the United States. Those filling the out side churches are causing most of the problems and hardships for the poor and others.

We worship by our character, not by being in a certain place or doing worthless work. If actual worship coming from the actual word of God was indeed lived by, this would be a better world. A much better country than the United States is now where the worst racist and hate in the world reside in it by so called Christians.

Yet, people in it say they a God fearing people. That they are worshipers. That they love the Lord. That God is blessing the sin in it that’s flow from it to the rest of the world. Wrong!

Blind false religion. Blind 1 day worship. You may be fooling yourself, but you can’t fool God. Worship is between you and God. Its personal. No one can save you but you.  No one can intervene between you and God but Jesus. No other man has the right to lie, confuse and tell another person they are saved. That right is God.

Only the word of God can draw man into submission. They themselves must be willing to ask forgiveness of their past lifestyle promising not to return to it and mean it.

From there, personal relationship and worship is suppose to follow you and me wherever we go and with whomever we meet or fellowship with along the way. This is all the time and anyplace as we draw others toward God.

This is the duty of the servant to reach out to others to help them realized there is a heaven and a hell and there is life after death. Which will you choose?

It is said to be about one million eight hundred thousand Christian in the United States. Just think if that was really true! Think about it!