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The Church

Hell Wait Patiently for the False Church

Church is over for most today except for those pastors looking to make more money in night and day time donations and gift offerings. But in any case the doors will close once more and nothing will have been accomplished for God.

The same sinners that went to the buildings are the same sinners that left. The doors will lock Jesus in until next Sunday. In the meantime it’s now boogie down hardy baby.

For some, a belief they’ve heard one of the best sermons of their lives. In fact, they just found out that Jesus was the Son of God and he love them. For the first time they heard about sin. This was something new to them. They will say, wow! “I got to go next Sunday to hear it again..

But though nothing have occurred there are those that will past quickly by hospitals and nursing homes to get to Face Book to tell others what God will do or put banners up telling others that prayer moves God. They are false prophets.

Why don’t they pray to do away with sickness or death? Better yet, get your pastor to help you, since he or she stood up in your church buildings today hollering and screaming saying “when prayers go up blessings come down.”

Did you know that 25% of killings in this country is done by blacks. Blacks that know the word of God and raised by Church values. Why can’t prayer stop the killings. There are false church buildings all round the places killings are taking place? Why can’t prayer stop it?

It’s because prayer is not to be used for things only hands on can stop. However, it can be used for spiritual things in building up the inner man. His common senses. Now run and tell that!

God is not mocked and should not be mocked by people that know nothing of God except to pretend he’s doing something he’s not and not suppose to do. These are liars when they can’t prove it.

There is no one that can pray and stop absolute nothing that is natural. Sickness, death, sorrow, pain, anger, greed, murder, thief and the like will always be until Jesus is ruling as Lord of Lord and Kings of Kings. Anyone pretending to be him is the son of Satan.

Open up your eyes and look around you. What have changed and what have you stopped? Nothing! The people are getting worse and worse. Even Churches and political parties are divided and hate each other.

God has an appointed time to step in, then you and me or they that remain alive at that time will see the true power of God. Until then, our job is building an army to fight against sin that dwell in the hearts of men. To help them escape hell fire and save themselves to be used for further work of God through out the universe.

Turning them from lying to trying. From preaching to teaching. From hate to love. Remaining faithful in God’s words, and ready to be judged.

Are you telling folks how to act according to Christian faith or are you just a want a be wanting to be seen and heard just being a sounding brass talking loud and signifying nothing.

There is a small remnant of the true church remaining trying to get the truth out to the people, the world. However, the larger part of it sit high in it’s own glory in buildings and in the media. They are the false church. They shame God in it‘s false beliefs, character and actions. Like a lost sheep, they have lost their way.

Challenge those that spew false words from their mouths. Ask them to prove it. Then the devil will flee from you and the truth will be revealed them as liars through you!.. Hell Wait Patiently for the False Church

The Bible state to separate yourselves from them and live, or continue with them and die! Think about it!