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The Church
Healthcare and Another Pastor Lose Discussion of prayer

Just recently I met a pastor and as usual, they come all swelled up with their chest out like Donald Trump, expecting you to bow to some kind of power they think they have, although, never able to display it.

As always, there will always be someone that say God has spiritually did something for them and care less for others. They kept rambling on about how God heal their body and they believed in healing through prayer.

I tried to tell them prayer is not for physical healing but remembering Jesus and God. For giving thanks and having hope. We pray or hope one is well. We cannot pray for another’s sickness though we feel like we can.

“No, that’s not true they say.” “I know God heard my prayers cause when I was sick he healed me.”  I said you just got better. They said, “you got to pray, trust and believe in God.”

I knew this was going to be an easy case, so I decided to make it short. I ask them if they had “health insurance.” They said yes! I said to them, why do you have health insurance? Don’t you trust your prayers to God or do you have medical Insurance for a back up, just in case your prayers didn’t work?

For the first time in their life, I guess, they went silent!

Do you have health insurance? Will you get rid of  your insurance and depend on your prayers? The answer is no! Most church people that can afford it has it and can’t, literally, live without it. One may pretend, but far from being a complete fool. You sins has a way of catching up to you. Your pastor has health insurance also.

The false church just keep lying. Think about it!