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So often I start to write a small piece and then is taken away onto another silly thing that people say out of ignorance they care not to understand why.

I often challenge anyone on earth to prove God is healing and to this date has never had any one to come forth to prove it. Not only are those getting sick or we getting sick will continue, but we will die and there is no one that can prevent either one on earth. No! not one! Not even your pastor or false prophet.

That challenge is still open. I stated before that there are sick institutions all over the United States and 75% of them are Christians trying to stay alive through medical means. The “sick and poor, say the Lord, will always be with us”.  And it is.

This did not say He would get rid of sickness and take poor life styles away and make every one wealthy if we ask. Such a request from billions of people would mean every one would live forever in their physical form and be wealthy. However, such would destroy society and a world for lack of builders and workers.

Ever since the earth has been here, some type of medicine or herb has been  used for sickness trying to prevent death. There has always been God over earth and there has always been sickness and death under God, from Genesis through Revelation.

At no time did God pick through nations of people and healed the sick in nations or prevented the men that fought in the armies of Israel from being killed.

There is no where in the bible where God prevented the disciples from getting sick and dying, even abused. History show that many Christians and families were put in the arena of Rome having lions  turned lose on them to kill them for sport and enjoyment of watchful Roman citizens because they refuse to denounce Jesus Christ as King.

Christians waited in turn to be sent to their death by this sport which was either by murder or by torture. Whereby,  stretching body limbs to the point they separated from the body. Though true Christians were praying for hope, they knew God would not rescue them because serving God came with a price. Hope was for the Roman king would to stop the killing. Many times hope goes unanswered. All they had was their stead fastness in the Lord.

As they stood in line waiting for their deaths, they told the ones behind them, “do not give in“, “do not reject the Lord“. “For they may kill the body but cannot kill what we shall become“. ‘We shall live again. ……..  No! God did not intervene! Nor did the Son!

These were worthy people that did the will of God. Many were those that walked, watched and listened personally to Jesus.  Even watched his crucifixion and witness his ascension into the heavens. But they all got sick or murdered and died and God did not rescue them.

If there was anybody worth saving and keeping alive, around for God’s benefit and living proof, it would be these followers, believers and doers. But they suffered and dies as we will do without any intervention from God.

Death and sickness left a bloody  trail of sickness and death throughout our history. Whether from false Christian battles, wars through hate and conquest or just plain murder, it all happen without God intervening.

The same is happening all around the world today with no end to it with no human hand to stop it. No,  not through peaceful means nor war and certainly not through someone trying to pray away that which cannot be prayed away.  Instead, trying to fight, fix, transform and promote. This is our duty.

Yet, in this modern age we find people that is greater than any disciples of Jesus. They, without proof, claim they can do what deceased Christians and disciples could not do, That is, stop sickness and death. Notice! If you stop sickness you stop death. You cheat God out of Judgment. Never will happen.

In this twisted country we live in, pretending is a favorite belief of teaching. Being greater than disciples and even Jesus has made people drunk with ignorance.

Listen People! The sick, troubled and trouble walked and lived with Jesus. It was all around him. Even the Son of God knew he could heal some but not all. However, his healing was needed to uphold and prove he was who he said he was, and this was that he was the Son of God and was Sent by God.

Even the few miracles the disciples did was to backup who Jesus was to the people who wanted to doubt Jesus and that their was a God.  Proof!

Jesus became well known as well as his disciples then miracles to prove Christ and God came to an end. Man mush now believe without seeing or touching. Faith, trust and love now over shadow proving. Proof has been shown and  came to an end back then.

No where in our history of Christianity since the bible days has any healings or mass healings occurred. Yet, the false church has devised a mind altering plan claiming they can do what the disciples could not do, heal the body rather than the mind. Something is backward to this pretension.

Today, we find many liars which cannot mass heal or correct sickness and disease or do away with nursing homes, hospitals, doctors or drug stores and pharmacies, but will claim God healed them of a particular sickness.

I frown when I hear this kind of backward talking. Don’t you know, if you have that kind of connection with God you should be healing others and not keeping God to yourself. Such a healing from your prayers, since you are so close to God, would mean you or no one around you would ever get sick again. In fact, you would live forever.  Then why not live forever?   You have the creator listening to you and doing your will, so go far it!

Listen! We are here to live, get sick and die. Jesus bought back Lazarus from the dead. But Lazarus only got sick, I presume, and died again. These were precious people needed for the movement of Christianity in the beginning. These and only these were of special use to God’s plan. Not us!

We carry on from their writings in believing and hope. We believe and honor through obedience at how we up hold the word of God in our lives. This is all that lead toward salvation and not healing in any form or running around pretending God has jumped off the pages of the bible and living on earth. Not true!

Yet, he would have too in order for him to be visiting every one every second, and you know this make no sense. Or should I say you should have known through common sense and heighten Spiritual sense that come with being a Christian that if God himself intervene, how could any one ever lose? The bible state, God does not want us ignorance to the truth.

Why is it so hard for people to just do the will of God. This is only living the word of God, loving God, loving each other and building this world and go about your business loving life and what it offers.

How hard is that? Well, it must be hard because people world rather pretend. Preaching lies of  healing and when this doesn’t work,  preach lies of prosperity. Anything accept doing the will of God.

Listen, and determine where we are in the will of God. For example, while people play church, homosexuality is taking over America and slowly eating through the few that is left. The church is now filled with people of this sort and it is all right. Every one is happy together. Why? 

Donald Trump proved the United States embraces corruption, filth and lies as a normal thing. He was, in his corrupted ways,  chosen to be leader, manly by church people to rule over them. People are satisfied. Quiet! See nothing wrong with this. …. But he and this is not of God!

In ending I say to those that foolishness think God actually leave or has already left heaven and spend his time on earth and to those that love attempting to show themselves to others as God is doing things for them, I say, you need to stop it or prove it. 

Please answer these questions.

1. Why would God heal you and know one else that’s crying out?

2. Why would God want you in heaven in the first place?

3. If you died right now, and if possible, went directly to heaven (which is not true)….. “What good would you be to him?” What have you done to convince God to keep you there.”

If you can’t answer these questions, you are not ready to take on such a big name!

Maybe spreading banners for other to “say amen.” is enough for you! Maybe telling lies of healing, lying on God and prosperity to others is enough. What do you think.

What would your reasons be to God at Judgment? How could you defend yourself?  What if God asked you why did you lie on him and when did he tell you this?  How will you explain yourself? Now don’t lie!!!! Having to explain a lie to God lead only to more lies and finally, Hell!

For the first time in your life you will be defending your life. How it goes is NOW in your hands, not God’s. It is never in God’s hand down here on earth. You past a test without the teacher. Obeying the will of God and going through life is with a teacher.

At Judgment it will be in God’s hands and not before. By some likable things you’re done, perhaps you may get burned, you still may be chosen. But at judgment it’s too close to call.

Best separate your self, your mind, your train of thought while I present it to you. All I want you to do is think. Ask where, when why, how, what and who? Then think about it!