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The Church
Haiti Victims and False Prophets

I am sadden this morning because people that say God will hear your prayers and will do anything if you call on him has failed the people in Haiti. Over 300 people have died in the wake of the storm and the total was said it may double or triple.... Why didn't the most so called and Godly country on the face of the earth, they say, pray to stop this storm when they said they have the power of prayer? .... Why did they sit back and allow these people to be killed? Or do you just think Christians are just you and in the USA?...The storm is rolling and is in South Carolina and in Florida. Why did you let this storm rage on and do damage to people and property when you say God will heal everyone or God will take care of your problems? ...

(prayer is hope, believing, giving thanks and praise to God out of your heart,... nothing more)

People that tell, especially poor people, that God will hear your prayers and they, the prophet, can command the Almighty to do their bidding is just plain false prophets.

So why not Stop this storm NOW now or before it killed and destroyed so many and much? A lie is so easy to tell until it comes time to proven it. Then comes the silent. The no actions! ....It's easy to talk junk when trouble is not happening to you. But for the one that's suffering, it's no joke or time to pretend...

Tomorrow, Sunday, which is the pagan 'day of the Sun" (Sunday), Sun worship, if the storm gets bad, most building or churches will closed... Not willing to trust God and finally realizing that God's word is true when he said, "I do not live in a house made by hands"....

Worship is done in the heart and from the heart. Worship is doing the will of God. Jesus ministry was not about healing sickness but healing the sick thoughts and outwardly hatred against our fellow man. To get man in a state where we can live, love, worship and help each other. Why? Because God knew in advanced that he intended for this world to exist for a very long time before he put an end to it. "Then comes the gathering!"

To gather, God describes what he need. He needs good, honest and obedience people for his cause in the world to come.

These will not be gathered for a celebration. He does not want liars, twisters of his word, quick to anger, lustful, fornicators, adulterers, gossipers, murderers, rapists, thieves, and more.....

But God really, really hate liars. I wonder why?.. Because a liar is like a disease. It spreads and kills and kills the minds of others. It tricks people and make war and hate against each other. ....

lies separate the liar from God by speaking great words that God did not tell them to do nor say..... These attitudes and mind set make a liar untrustworthy for any need.

Therefore, no liar shall enter into Heaven.... If you believe a liar, it makes you who say amen to it a liar also. Look around you and at the person that trying to control your mine. Say to them, "show me your proof." Heal all those in nursing homes to start. Shut them all down.

Why are they there? Are they not Christians with the power to pray for healing as False Prophets say? Its because one cannot pray to alter the body. Period! Only one man, JESUS!

If there are any one that can heal or pray for healing or can cause money to come out from no where into the hands of others, please post your where about on Facebook so we can get the sick and needy to you. While there, we want you to stop all wars and all death. Show us something beside talk and Facebook banners ....

As they say in Church buildings,.... "will there be one"? ....Think about it and let me know where.