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The Church
Great Lies Told by Liars

There are many great lies told on God by sinners. However, the greatest lie ever told is, "God is protecting us" or "God is protecting me." However, with all the wars and great militaries around the world, one can clearly see it is our great military that protect us with it's great weapons, war planes, submarines and high tech systems pointing outward defending our country from enemies that have their great weapons fixed on us.

Why the great military? Fear!
Yes, Christian and pagans reside in the midst of a country surrounded by many branches military inside and out.
Such protection from God would mean the world has already come to an end and Jesus now sit on the Earthly Throne protecting us with peace on earth. which is not true.

It's easy to talk junk and lie when you feel safe inside an iron jar knowing the military is awake while you sleep. Even watches while many play church, pretend and lie on God about him protecting you, me, our country, personally.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if the Almighty God himself was protecting you?... Life everlasting right now!
We live in systems of governments and laws. We also have spiritual laws and rules to follow as Christians to live in the midst of government laws while we wait within this world. We accept the good right alone with the bad in it.

God is giving no one nor favoring anyone with any special attention over another. We do the best we can, waiting for the judgment, hoping for salvation. This is the time when you will personally hope for God's protection. Hope that he will save you in the end.
You are not now saved as many suggest nor wear a crown down here on earth in the flesh. No one is now saved and any one that say they are is a liar.

Live your life and stop the lies or there will be no hope of protection from Jesus. Nothing to plea before God on your behalf. Think about it!