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The Church

Great Liars OvertakingThe Church

What is it that cause people to lie? Why can't they tell the different between truth and a lie? Truth is that which can be seen and verified. A lie is that which cannot be proven.

90 percent of what church people say about God is a lie. They lie on God and do not care. The Bible say a liar shall not enter into the Kingdom of God. Do this make people fearful of hell? No!

The Church flaunt lies constantly, and for years, and it matter not that they cannot and have not proven absolutely nothing they say about God healing or providing substances for people.

They cannot show with any proof where God is doing all this healing or any other thing. Where! Certainly not in nursing homes or hospitals or children in health facilities, and lets not forget the sick and poor all over the world.

Its messed up when people say God will do all this but has nothing themselves nor records of healing any one from death, whether, of those asking for prayer for self or love ones.

When I look around I see no one from other centuries still alive. Although there may be 6 or 7 spread across the world. But the fact is no one was healed by God to live forever in the flesh. They are all dead.

We get sick of some thing and we go to doctors as we all does and we all will continue. So will the people that lie to you telling you God will heal your every situation. Think how rich, healthy and wealthy we all would be if such was so.

It take great nerves or just plain stupidity to lie on God or reduce God down to very low deliverance of fixing people problems of every situation.

Think! Do you not know that if God was working on earth it would be a great thing. Not some itsy bitsy thing the world will not hear of.

We are talking of a Great Creator, not a play toy. We are here to live by the words of God. We are here to love God, obey his word, love and we help each other. This is what we are supposed to do.

Look around you at the types of business created and working together to cause us, not God, to build and move ourselves forward. We work together and develop ways to help each other through jobs, homes, borrowing, developing, using, insurance, recreation, travel, working, banking and the beat goes on.

God has already given us all we need. It's life and a brain to work and continue his creation for him first and us next. For us to build, multiply and to help each other beautify that which he placed in our hands and care.

You haven't seen God nor any angel with a hammer in their hands building or doing any thing for us.

We are the keepers. We are the teachers. We are the ones that remind others of the goodness of God and the reward toward those that trust, believe and abide in him.

In the end we will be judged on how we conducted ourselves and hope or pray we are approved by God based on the work and life we lived.

Saying God helped you in any way other than by his written word in a book makes this person a liar... God cannot take care of your every need then judge and send you to hell afterward.

God cannot take care of your every need, yet, let you suffer, get sick, die or not give you what ever you want.... Do you see how foolish this is when someone say such a thing? Such a person that say God do and will must have already reached perfection and immortality and should not be among the living...

Stop listening to false people lie on God. But stop, think, look around you and ask, "who, what, when, how, why and especially, where!" Do this in all things and you will catch them every time in a lie or learn the truth.

Question any pastor, person or minister with this. Make them prove it, not say it and let them get away with it.

Ask them to prove it at public places away from their facilities and at places, like, healthcare facilities, VA, Child Care facilities and others.

Watch them lie their way out of not wanting to go to these places heal at them. Even pastors and ministers won't take a bite of this apple, even with false teeth.

When I look out I see wars and rumors of wars. I see storms and earthquakes in different places. I see sickness and death, hate, fear,
sorrow, theft, murder, rape, lust envy, liars, robbers and other great sins. What do you see?