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The Church
(fictional But True)

A servant of God the Father was sent to summon Jesus for an seasonal meeting long needing to be discussed. As God waited, he sit starring into one of many special worlds he hold close to him. One particular one, being earth.

Its been awhile since God took personal interest in earth. But after seeing an anomaly in the people that caused him to wonder how his creation was coming along, he wanted to speak with Jesus since it was his  Kingdom to be.

Such duties of keeping track of all life on planets are normally left in the hands of the great book keepers, stewards and other high officials of the Kingdom of Heaven. God is consulted when ultimate matters reach level of God’s interest and final say so.

Though God the Son who is equal with God do handle matters of God the Father,  but this time a friendly chat and a question troubled God the Father and God wanted to hear it from Jesus. Such explanation  will  reign true in the written word for all human inhabitants.


I was looking upon earth and gazed upon a celebration called Christmas, said God, where many there are celebrating your birthday and involving me in it. I see they have used certain scriptures of my word to created a festive occasion in an attempt to honor you.

I see that they are a mixture of all kind coming together as one. But not just your birthday, but they celebrate another character to blend in with yours. Tell me more about this.

My question to you is, “is this your birthday?” “I do know when you were born, said God,” but I want to hear what you have to say.”

“No, replied Jesus, it is not my birthday and never have and never will be.” This thing they do called Christmas has been devised by Satan and a group whom call themselves the Catholic Church. Since it’s conception I have sent many people with many warnings to avoid it, separate and stand for righteousness, but to no avail. Even our word in scripture are used to twist and justify Christmas continuance.” “Many have gone the way of the world.”

But Jesus, say God the Father, look at them with all the lights and Santa Claus, gifts and partying, music of all sort and mixture. They worship you as a baby in songs. They have even brought you back down to a baby, and I must say you are kind of cute.” The kids love to place your image around things and in yards, but care less to have you for a doll.”

“What is going on?” They celebrate your birthday, is this not true?” Is it your birthday or not? Tell the people again!

NO, it is not my birthday, said Jesus! No man on earth know it and this is the reason for my not disclosing it. Man has a way of taking things out of proportion, adding to and taking away, joining in and accepting all that feel good to them rather than defending the true word of God.

They have no concern or nor ever think that I am a God and not to be played with as a baby or praised as one. Such an attempt to put me in a crib is disgraceful. I am a God and those that believe in me believe in me through the word of God and not through me as a baby that had not yet ascended. Such will not win them salvation.

But will you honor what they do any way, said God.  They look so happy! No, I cannot even if they continue, as many will. If I approve of or agree with them I would be agreeing with a lie. To do such a thing will make me a liar, said Jesus. If I accept this lie it open the door to every things I’ve said and done to be challenged and scrutinized because now, I am a liar. Who will believe a liar?

No! let them have their fun and on the appointed hour, he that endured unto the end shall be saved. Then those that preached and spread discourse and lies shall fall under much weeping and woe, said Jesus.  For many shall come, but few are chosen.

Yes, they are indeed celebrating with much joy, but it’s not for me nor you Father.  It’s for their own Joy. They must learn to celebrated the seasons we gave them with much joy, yes,  but do it  in truth, said Jesus.

Then God stood, came close to Jesus, smiled and said, “once again your have proven to be my Son in whom I am well pleased always.” Jesus smiled back and said, “you better believe it!”

Note: This is strictly fiction with a lesson of understanding…. Think about it!…