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The Church
God Is Not Lost At Church Buildings

This morning many will to go find the Lord. It seem they keep losing and leaving him in this building they wrongly call a church. Why they keep leaving him there while they return to their private lives, I can’t understand.

But since scripture states,  “I do not live in a house made by hands,” there must be other reasons so many are going there. Plain and simple, “altar worshipping.”

I cannot let go of this because when people does it, it take away from what Jesus did. People go back to looking up to priests, preachers, evangelicals and all others.

A fact! The most important person people or members respect is not God, but their pastor. They go all out to please them and care less about The Watchers, ”or  “Book Keepers” watching them.

Most people will name their favorite human speakers, even posting videos and sayings from them, but never mentioning the Son of God as one.

People go hundred of miles to hear them speak, as though what they are told by them were never mention in the word of God, the bible. It is from these pastors and ministers they get to hear great words of God for the first time. In groves they follow after them as though they are gods.

I have to go hear such and such speak! Did you hear what rev. spoke about today! Honey, you should have been there! The pulpit was full of ministers dressed in expensive suites. They all formed a circle around the altar. Will they make sacrifices upon it! What was the altar really used for?

People at the this kind of church will respond as such.  “The evangelical speaker and his wife sure looked good.” “They make a good church couple.” “She has launch her new shoe wear.” “Later she will announce the coming of the annual pageant, family and friends day coming, and of course, Easter egg hunt” soon to come.

It is the heads of these organizations people worship and not God. God live in the heart of  and true Christians through the written word. We aide in his word in us. We are the True Church. There is no where you can go to find the Lord because he is supposed to be in you, and thereby can never e lost.

Many worship the wrong people. Who do you hold in great esteem? Who do you speak of often? Do you tell others more about someone else than of God? Do your heart rush for them when you speak of them! Do it rush for Jesus? Do you correct others or wait for others to do it for you? 

If yes, then you should question who you worship. Maybe you should continue to go to man made Churches and other places to find God.

But, I’m sorry! He is not here, not there! He has risen and is gone. All is left to “Remember Me,” is the “word of God.” Inside you, the true temple…. Think about it! Read more truth at