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God is My Creator But The Gun Is My Protector

I here a lot of people lying on God, especially the many
Pastors called by Satan. It is these I have problem with because it is they that have prevented good people from being all they can be in their intelligent.
Smart people in the Lord are thinkers. They are those that believe God is not stupid and can't stand stupid people.
To be called a Christian means your eyes are open to the truth. It means you can tell when you are told lies about God.
Let me open your eyes to a fact you cannot disproved no matter how hard you try to justify. There is not a pastor nor person on earth that can call me a liar. Here it is.

False pastors, especially women, loves to tell you that you are protected by God. That God will rush to your rescue. Many of you are saying to plea the blood, what ever that mean, and a lot of you say blind stuff like, God will do this and God will do that for you.

Here is a fact! God is not our servant or proctor to do for us. He is doing absolutely nothing. He has no one else down here doing anything. He is not suppose to be down here. He never said he will stay down here to do our bidding.

God gave us the power to subdue the whole earth. Work by the sweat of our brow. Build and multiply. He said we would do these things and not him.

We are in control of what ever happens on earth, good or bad. We protect our selves and we live by and accept the word of God and move forward.

Now,.. here it is! Your protector on earth, or should I say in the United States, is not God, but the....are you ready for it?...THE POLICE! The GUN!

Take away the police and all hell break loose. No prayer or call on God will help. People will nearly go mad. Yes there will be a few not like most, but they will be scared to death.

Our forefathers experienced such chaos and put together people of the law as protectors of the weak.

Why do you think none of these God powerful pastors, ministers and churches never ask or want to go where ISIS is, Syria, Libya and other places outside of their comfort zone?
By the way, we are also protected by the military. Yes, the Gun! Our military has America surrounded and protected. Yes, protecting you and me while we sleep or awake. Every country has a military to protect itself from every one else. I wonder what they will do if attacked?

By the way... Our military is made up mostly of Christians that is using the Gun and themselves to protect we, the Christians. Not God!

It's easy to play God when you live under such richness and one of the world’s powerful militaries. It's easy to say all of the stupid things people say, when you know you ot it made. If these types of protections were taken away, ISIS would take the United States, and the world.

Now somebody prove me wrong!!!!... By the way, it wouldn't be this way if Christians would have done there job way back then. But they failed God and is falling him now in the false church.

We have to prove to God that we are worthy to take his word and make what he left in our control, the earth,  into a place where all men should love God, himself and others through Jesus Christ. Telling the word to each other to tell another until our work down here is done. Then in the end our hope is to me saved because of the work we done and shown.

As I end once more, if you can't prove it, you're a liar. No liar shall enter heaven. Right now, the majority is going to hell. Pastors have put them there and continue to put them there.

My job is to stop this slippery slope and hope to win souls from hell towards God.

Yes! Right now you are protected by the Gun. But we can serve God righteously to live in the midst of turmoil and still maintain our belief that God is a righteous judge and we will be judged according to how we come through it all….

So enjoy life. Stop walking around acting like God is a stiff and live a hermit life. Look how the false Christians act? They look, dress and act like weirdo‘s  So broken that they take away their own joy.  Make a joyous noise unto the Lord. But do not willfully sin….   Now you Think about it!