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Hope And God Answering Prayers Or Is He

If God do not answer your prayer as you said he would, would that make you a liar on God?
If you believe God will answer your prayers, will you get rid of your Health Insurance?
Will you never go to a doctor again or a pharmacy?

Why do people ask people to pray for them or someone else after they went to the doctor? Where is the trust?
Why do all praying people stay away from nursing homes, hospitals and places where the serious sick reside?
Why do people get healed by a doctor then come and thank others for praying for them?  For what?

Does prayer change things? Are you saying God take care of your problems? Then why do you have problems? Why do your friends  have problem when they can get God to change things for them?

Can God do things for people then judge them? Wouldn’t he be judging himself also, since sinners are the ones claiming God do things for them to.

So, if this be so, how could God judge them with out judging himself? Wouldn’t they be pardon since they agreed together? Sound messed up don’t it?

Isn’t prayer used for confession, asking forgiveness, giving thanks, giving praise, believing toward Salvation? Wouldn’t all this add up to HOPE!

A prayer of faith is HOPE! When friends pray for you or hope for the best for you, it lift your spirit and give strength to you feeling they care for and love you. Nothing more. Prayer can’t heal no more than Faith can. All that had faith is dead. Faith keep nor has it kept anyone from death or sickness.

But we are protected in a country surrounded and protected by a great weaponized military with some of the best doctors in the world taking care of us. not God.

We live with the illusion that we are more special than other nations. So pretending God is in the United States doing things for us is only a great illusion being master mined by Satan. Yes, we are protected by our goverment and the military with police protection within.
Also, while you sleep, the police watch over you. They patrol the darken streets, communities and alleyways.

Why don’t you just pray for your own safety and ask to do away with the police. In reality, you need the human police to really protect you. We need the military to protect the United States. Prayer want work, will never work!

Listen! Learn what prayer is in your mind, so when you tell someone you pray for them, you and them knows that you hope for the best for them and not that you have the power of God in you to heal them or anyone else.

You could just say, “my hope for your best go out to you and your love ones“…..

Just learn to live according to the will of God and go about your business and take the Spirit of God (the word) with you. Pretending to go to church will kill you because all who go have to lie about one thing or the other. Read more truth on my website, then, Think about it!