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The Church
God and Intelligence

Why do people think God just sit on a Throne and look on earth. That he never moves but is always in one place. That he has nothing to do nor show his Godly status in Heaven, but remain still on his Throne peeping at earth people for thousands of years.
Even with the many galaxies and other worlds he have, people think he
never ever leave his throne and spot. They think his sight is focused on earth.

What closed minds are those that think such a thing. Only those that does not Know God.
People even think God come to billions of people each and every minute and hour of the day to do something for them, if you listen to them. They think being a Christian open the door for God to become their individual slave.

There are millions of Christians, or those that claim Christianity, that will lie and swear that they have God on line. Yes, nearly every one at all times of the day believe God is working in their physical lives on their behalf.

Do you know what would take place if, "the God", was working for your or answer your prayers? You would be rich and wealthy! No Christian would be poor or wanting anything. You wouldn't even need to work.

But this silly thinking is disgraceful to the God you don't understand but claim to know. If God, as you claim, is doing this or that, then he must be a very weak God because death, sickness, poor and evil people continue to grow worse and worse in his presence among you. But you are wrong! God is all in all. Pure Power!

If the true God was to show his power there would be no sickness and death. But people do not see him as God but as a false imagination of their mind and think to have a God that now hang around with every person that become a Christian. Not so!

Listen! God has never spoken to all the people. Not in the past and certainly not in Christianity. He spoke to special ones to go tell this or that to others. There is no way God is speaking to or doing anything for millions of people at on time every minute of the day.
This is why God gave the written word. Every one will read the same word and live by every word that came out the mouth of God.

Besides, such would require God to live on Earth and leave Heaven. He would also spend all his time waking up people from sleep or rest on earth since people sleep all times of the day, which make this impossible. So, you see how far out such thinking and behavior have dulled the minds of people and false followers.

God being Omnipresent (meaning every where at one time) mean he can be if so desired. But he desire not to be, as yet, when it come to humans on earth. He want us to live up to his expectation through his words brought by Jesus.

God is a superior intelligence. Well beyond our thoughts in any settings. But intelligence require some level of intelligence. Jesus referred to false people as fools. These fools does not meet the intelligence of God he's looking for.

People that can't think and understand truth, say stupid things, lie on God about healing, fornicators, adulterers, drunkard, thieves, proud people, lustful people and it goes on and on, cannot be of any use to God no matter how much they call themselves "Christians".

There is a reason why God want particular people. There is a requirement for being hired. You must past the word of God test. One is, "Thou shalt not lie."

For you to believe God is living on earth doing for you or rush from Heaven at beyond twinkle of an eye speed back and forth, back and forth would probably make God drunk in the head.

Since this is not true but you believe such a thing is without proof can only mean one has not reach even the lower lever of intelligence to live under the most high intelligence of God Almighty!

Come as you are still require intelligence. You get intelligence by obeying the word of God the best you can.  Remember, the most righteous barely make it in. What say you. Think about it!