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The Church

Give Thanks For Health Insurance And Doctors

More people are telling me they appreciate thoughts I give to them because these are things they thought about but was afraid to ask for fear of being told they are questioning God. It seem that my personal saying is opening eyes all over the country.

A simple question put forth to false pretenders will cause them to pause and go silent. For the first time they realized they lie to others by telling them to pray to God for healings or asking others to pray for them as though God is going to heal them. This is just false hope twisting the mind of the weak. But now, one thing to ask them Is, “do they have health insurance?” If so, WHY? Do you not fully believe what you tell others?

Any one that has health insurance does not really trust God as they say for healings, or they wouldn’t have it nor would they ever run to a doctor or pharmacy when they get sick. But mostly every one has it and is willing to make monthly payments to keep it, not trusting God as they say.

Church people sit in their buildings raising sand knowing they are covered. Popping pills like drug addicts while there, knowing all the while they have to get refills or make doctor appointments the following week.

Even now, people and Christians are cheering that Obamacare is safe for awhile. Christians are once again trying to make health care affordability universal for all Americans. Did I say Christians? Are they part of America? I wonder why “WE” want it! You don’t have to buy it you know!

So, other are wising up and so can you. Liars will not enter heaven. I thank God that I have insurance. Do you?….  Think about it!