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Weekend Finisher

Gay Rights and Cowardice Of The People Playing Church

As a pastor to the Internet it make me sick to my stomach to see how America can embrace gay rights and then tell someone they're going to pray for them while sick Churches celebrate with them by pretending to have a National Prayer day that include every body.

There's a football player name Michael Sam, which happen to be a gay, that said he thank God for letting him get a shot in the NFL.

What is going on and gone wrong with this country? All of a sudden God is gay. He would have to be to accept gay's rights to partake in their filthy life style.

The United States might as well burn down their Churches and get rid of other religions because this country has long turned it's back on God and quickly sinking deeper and deeper into hell.

What's so sad is that ministers and people supposedly of the Church are scared to death to remark on Facebook or on Twitter or do anything in the public for fear of the government or Satanic media rushing to condemn them. Media doing the will of Satan.

These great ministers on TV and every where else can hold big conventions and gathering but they will not constantly protest for God, or for the Jesus they claim they are the servants of by saying how gay rights are poisoning the creation of God.

Many will get on Facebook and make some pretty remark about nothing but will say nothing against things that they are suppose be against as Representatives of God through Christ.

Cowards pretending to be Christians are a joke. We are threaten by one of the most dangerous acts against humanity and all the so-called Church people can do is play games at Churches.

They pretend to heal, pretend to pray, pretend to play Church, pretend to shout with false spirits, preach twisted lies and collect money from those that can't understand the word of God.

Yes,they do all of this while the reversal of our very existence is threatened. While the law of creation and God himself are being torn down and denied. And While big shot pastors of so-called Christians turn blind eyes.

What we have is a modern world of ungodly people that no longer see God as the diviner and giver but see themselves as their own little gods through their own personal power of Constitutional Rights over the rights of God.

Little gods willing to uphold their own personally human rights over being told by a book of rights how to govern their own lives. Not willing to sacrifice their deadly lives for everlasting ones.

News media's have become the hand of the Devil. Satan uses them to quiet the Church and immediately bring down any one in any religion, no matter how much power they have, to bring them down to an apologetic whimpering Judas.

A Judas that dropped the noose of a rope around their own necks. Self Jump from a tree limb and conducted their own hanging. That's what happen when you succumb to the devil. "See evil, say no evil."

Church house people will have to answer these questions, "Why and what did you do?"  "How do you feel about gay rights" and "why did you accept it without any disagreement or fight?"

"Now, depart from me because I do not need a coward and a back door observer or a behind closed door loud mouths in my presence or my government."

Christians should stand for the word of God no matter what you may lose for him. It will all be given back in a much better amount when this life for us is over and we've move into a better world beginning the next faze in our promised new life.

I would hate to see people go through so much of what ever the people in these churches or temples are doing, just to be told by God these words:

" Just because I let these generations go forward did not mean I enjoyed what you became, but that I gave all an appointed time."

"Most of you did nothing to acquire salvation." "You have a contrary spirit that cannot be trusted." "The world became your heart and love."

Note: I suspect God would say something like this, he did not say it. You get it don't you? But focus on this and use it to fight.

The United States and other nations have went to bed with gays. Romancing the demons of lust and whoredom. Foolishly thinking they can steal and control God and his the word through overwhelming puny human votes. Challenging God's own creative process through reverse and perverted love.

But the power of God is everlasting. His word is everlasting. His purpose is everlasting and cannot be broken.

God is creation. God is a creator! That's what he do. He created things. He created the earth and all that we see on it then created humans, man and woman, to recreate his creation through male and female bonding.

He told us to go out upon the earth and the world and subdue it and to multiply upon it. To spread humanity for his sake. To build him a world of beauty flourishing with creative people of colors and shades.

Many small gods may try to disprove the order of creation, but Such a gay God could produce nothing! Would create nothing!  Would be all along! But a God of creation exist to create.

For the rest of you that pretend and lie about praying for others when you can't even pray for yourselves or understand how or what prayer is, remember, "Nothing from nothing leave nothing.

As I end I say this:

Based on your life and all you know and have been taught and believe in......."If you died right now, what good would you be to God?"........ You don't no do you? For the answer visit my Website and read, "Into the mind of God and a brick wall."  Then Think about it!

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