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The Church

Gay Right Marriage License Kim Davis False Church

Right now in the news and in Kentucky there is a county clerk name Kim Davis whom refuse to issue same sex marriage license.

Kim Davis refusal has landed her in jail for a spell for refusing to do her job or issue licenses according to the law and Constitution.

Now here's my take based off the bible. We find it in Matthews 22:17-22. It read,

17. "Tell us therefore. What do you think? Is it lawful to pay tributes ( tax money) to Caesar, or not?"

18. "But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, "why do you tempt me, you Hippocrates?"

19. "Show me the tribute (tax money)." And they brought to him (Jesus) a penny."

20. "And Jesus said to them, "whose image (face) and writing is on it?"

21. "They said Caesar's. Then Jesus said to them, "render (give) to Caesar the things which are Caesar and to God the things that are  God's."

22. "When they heard these words, they  marveled, and went their way."

Conservatives, which have always twisted and abused God's word is now doing it again. They stand with Kim Davis, and ignorantly think she is doing the will of God. That issuing  same sex license was against her religious beliefs and theirs.  But as usual she and they are wrong.

The scripture above clearly state if you are working for the government and taking its money then you are to honor the service or job you have or quit.

In this scripture, people was taking Caesar's money buying all kind of things but didn't think it was fair to pay tax on it.

Jesus is telling them that If they continued to take and use Caesar's money then they must abide by any condition Caesar placed on it.

Here, Kim Davis an elected official to this job, and the Conservative Party are in the same fix. Kim Davis is bound by the government to enforce the law and government she takes money from.

To say she is convicted by her religion is a lie. For Hucklebee to say God showed up in Kim Davis, is a lie.

We can not dislike something and still be involved into it. For example, will Mike Hucklebee, Kim Davis and false Conservative churches stop spending government money?

Our government is not a religious institution? The government welcome all religions and protect the rights of all to worship here as they please. Shouldn't they be challenging the government first.

Mike Hucklebee want to be president over a country, if elected, he will have to honor all these false religions under this same Constitution he promise to uphold.

As president this will not bother his conscious. I believe this make him a false pastor and a pretender wanting nothing but to gain power for himself and his party.

We live in, and around sin every day. We pay taxes that are not well used even giving Caesar or the government money or taxes to build weapons to cause mass destruction on others. Churches and Conservatives knows this. So why doesn't this convict their conscious? Weapon go to kill others. "Thou shall not kill said God. But we know we have to, to survived.

I dislike the gay movements as much as any true Christian, but you can't break the law you are bound to uphold and agreed to be bound by.

Marriage Licenses being signed by Kim Davis does not say she endorse it personally but that she is ordered to do what her boss, the government ordered her to do.

Remember, it is the government and Constitution that made same sex marriages legal. Therefore,It is the government that she and Mike Hucklebee should refuse to work for.

But they can't see this because of the money and power that come with their jobs with the government.

What someone else does do not affect my relationship with Christ. It also, "is not what goes into a person that defile them, but what come out of them (scripture)."

But listen at this!
Are Conservatives convicted when they write the days of the week on a check or cash a check having the days of the week on them.

The days of the week are pagan days based on the Romans gods. We honor them but they do not set well with God.

For example, 1. Monday is the moon worship day or the day of the moon.2. Sunday is the day for sun worship, or the day of the sun. 3.Thursday is the day of Thor, and so on. You can find all this on the internet and on my web site.

Are they being convicted by it to the point of not accepting any pay having anything to do with dates? Of course not.

1 John 5:17, "These are what we call sins unto death." There are sins we have to partake in because we have no control over them. We are not charged because of them.

But again I say to Kim Davis and Conservatives. Is issuing marriage license to a non-Christian any worse than that to same sex partners. No!

What about issuing marriage licenses to Muslims. WOW! A Christian embracing Islam that reject Jesus Christ as the Savior and worship not the same God! Yet, she signed their marriage license. I've never heard Kim Davis refuse to issue them license at any time.

As of now she is expected to return to work but will not have to sign he name on same sex marriage license. She and her lawyer think she has accomplished something. Guess what? She still work in and with other people that are issuing license. She and her office are one. Now what is she going to do? To really escape it she has got to quit or shut her false pretending mouth.

Listen false church, you have lost the battle with gay rights. You have failed God. You cannot reverse it. Trying to act like you are somebody over some petty matter now is too late. The law has spoken. You and I don't have to like it, but because of the church crowdedness we will live with it and by it.

As gay life style get worse, and it will get worse, use it as a sign that time is winding up. How long? Not too long! When? I don't know! But signs are all around us.

The Conservative Party will do well to stop taking from the government and move to uncharted mountain territories where they will not have to pay taxes or worry about the government, since they hate it so much. But the liars want for the love money.

As I close, remember the scripture above. "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's or stop working for Caesar, "the government."

This apply to your job also. Now think about it!