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The Church


What make people lie on God? Why do they that lie on God by going to church?

A large title but well needed…….  What make people lie on God is the question. One answer is ignorance! We know that God require some form of intelligence because he is intelligent. However, there are leaders that have helped and continue to help corrupt minds of those that look toward the ignorance to teach them. Thus, ignorance breath ignorance.

A question one must asked another is, where are you getting all your ignorance, and if your ignorance is real to you, what showing from your god can you show proof to others, other than that you concocted in your own weird thoughts from your own mind. The bible say your own understanding. Yet, these are devilish thoughts placed there from other forces to further confused readers to become willing liars in well thought out plans to deceive.

Why am I using this word ignorant? It is because it is a shame that people are so blind that that are unable to see the real world and their part in it, although they go through truth every second all around them and yet can’t see what is the purpose of Jesus nor can understand the working of the human race, even though God said man will rule over all he made until he bring it to an end.

So, what is going on is in our hands. Jesus put our life into our hands. He showed us what to do and how to do it, but it is in our hands to accept it or not. No where it is written in the bible that God Almighty said he would work for us, do for us, hold our hand, fight our battles, keep us alive, keep us from sickness or even build this world for us as our God slave. All twisted lies.

But liars, with no proof… blind followers with no proof, pastors, with no proof, all try to play God like a carpenter uses a tool, to their own self gratification regardless a lie or not.

An order of control must be maintain to keep the attention and flow of gold continuing. Never mind the lies told. Those that believe in them (pastors) believe in their blind ignorance and are willing participants, probably, because of positions in false churches they enjoy.

“I once was blind but now I see,” shatter all ignorance and cause the wise person to see how government, military, banks, doctors, hospitals, businesses of all types, work, survival, paycheck, ownership, science and innovation and spiritual understanding all work together for a common cause, ”Survival! Then finally, end time perfection at Judgment where all we did in life on our on will be judged.

NOTE: A good school teacher doesn’t give you the answers to the test you are given. You are on your own. Only you can prove you can past the test when you are scored at the end of passing.  At the end of the test the school teacher and God will grade you on your accomplishments without their help. Like with Christians, moving on to the next grade, finishes or entering into eternity is up to you.

Now, well taught truth break through ignorance when taught. Then a Light bulbs of what you know and cannot disprove should be blinking on and off until the light of world  shows through, in you.

A child is Born!

As I end, I will always repeat my ignorance that once kelp me blind to truth. Truth that was right in from of my eyes all my life, yet, could not see it. But because of intense study and  UFO sightings in the heavens, I started to see the world for what it is and God’s intent, Other life!  I no longer work against God or Jesus but now work for them. To help save a few.

One great ignorance that separate Jesus from the people and continue to return Jesus to the cross over and over again is when people through their ignorance cannot understand that it is wrong to go to  church. Wrong to pick a location for church. Wrong to set a certain time for worship. Wrong to call a building holy. wrong to call it sitting on holy ground. Wrong to sit in from of an altar. Wrong for pastors to call people to the altar. Wrong for Christians needing to be taught. Wrong to house all manner of characters and call them the Church of God.

The true Church is the person that house the word of God within us. God live in us because the word of Him live in us. We are the holy ones. Jesus died on the cross to make this a reality, and not go back to temple worshiping.

One cannot go out side of themselves to worship. Yet, we can worship when we meet. Doing so in a place claiming to be holy is denying the work of Christ and this make you a sinner.

I challenge anyone, even your pastors, to prove me wrong. “How can one go to church when they are the church. “Upon this rock, (Peter), I will build my Church“, said Jesus. I do not live in a house made by hands“…. What more do you need to know….

This is the false church that is working against the will of God. Prove me wrong!!!! Any takers?…..
Why would people take the greatest religion on this earth and make it of no avail. Meaning nothing to the hearer. Turn many against it? How can one play church, hear the word of God, yet cannot stop sinning? False pretenders in the false church!

Pay attention to ignorance. What they say will seem to make sense, but to the wise, they are fools.