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The Church
False people, Prophets and False Prayers

Why is it that all the praying people that say they can reach God in prayer for either themselves or others always fail? Many people have ask for prayer because a love one is dying. Quickly the false pretending so called Christians began to send out prayers of “God will do this and that.” “I’m praying that God will heal you.” 

Then when they die these same pretenders rush to tell the grieving once again that they will pray to God for them again and so on. They seem to have a field day with all the praying.

Wait! Didn’t these same praying people say God would heal? Didn’t they act like they had a relationship with God acted like they could bring the Almighty God down? So what happen? Every time I hear someone say they will pray for someone, the sick either died or got worst and taken to a physical doctor. The lied and they played with the name of God.

But will sinners stop? No! they will continue because they know no better. They don’t have the sense to look around them and see that every one goes to a physical doctor as have always happen.

Every one of them don’t believe in what they say because they all pay big money for health Insurance to have doctors to run too rather than God. Even Pastors and lying false prophets that end up in the hands of physicals doctors go to medical place with their health insurance.

Why health insurance? Because God is not paying for our medical bills. And we hope or pray that we get a good doctor.

And no! God does not work through doctors. Why would the creator work through a doctor and the person being treated dies. How can the creator loose a patience. How can a creator give people medicine to take? How can a creator not be able to cure diabetes or any of the sickness man is plague with.? Why would God leave some one half healed or with a continuing problem/ Does this sound like God is working through doctors? No!

Prayer is for hope, giving thanks, worship and praising God through Jesus, nothing more. It cannot heal any one and has not healed anyone. Any one that say so, I have to ask, “why you?” “What make you so great God would heal you and no body else“, and “why want you heal others?” There are certainly plenty of work for you to do every where.

But will sinners stop. No! common sense has gone out the window. They are unable to see that which is right in front of their eyes. A human economic system with governments, rules and regulations we live under. Why? Because this is the way it is and this is the way God made and planed it to be.

Everyone is in the hands of the doctors. If you think otherwise, then stop going to them, taking medicine, going to dentists. Just lean and depend on the Lord as most falsely claim.

For all of you that believe in your kind of prayer, will you do me a favor and do away with your health insurance and stay away from pharmacies and emergency rooms? Will you do this? Someone answer me back on my timeline and lie to me by saying yes? I guarantee I will never hear from any of you saying you will.

Therefore, you are liars and play with God. But your time will come and you all will answer for all the prayers you lied and put on God, making him look bad in the eyes of those that turned their back on him because he did not do what you said he was going to do. Think about it!  ….