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The Church

The False Churches Holding False Revivals Pt. 2

If you are calling yourself a Christian, you should read this. This will blow your mind and mess your whole game up on holding revivals.

In part 1, on my web sit, I give a much larger view of Revivals. But new revelation has led me to introduce new incite to those that has an eye to hear. I’m afraid most people are living contrary to the will of God. Such contrary is causing a continuing fall away from God.

To make the finding short, I will ask all those that hold revivals and those that preach at revivals and those that rush out to attend revivals is this.

How can someone that claim they are a Christian need reviving? We live by the word of God through Jesus?  How can a Christian forget how to live according to the will of God unless they never was a Christian?

Do you know that in this day and age, even sinners know the word of God just as Satan does, but do not intend to live right? Besides, how can you revive a sinner that already know the word of GOD? You can’t!

Churches and pastors think they can call one to the altar, ask them if they would give their life over to Jesus and seek forgiveness again is as being revived is playing with fire. Is playing with God. Are plain liars and fools.

If a Christian need reviving then they are either dead or unconscious.  In either case they are not performing the will of God. They are just a Church full of sinners foolishly looking for the Lord to revive them while being told by their pastors they can make this possible.

How can a Christian need reviving and still claim being a Christian? You can’t! But let’s look at what the false Church is doing against God and the Son. Put on your thinking cap, open up your brain and hear, think and consider what you will now hear.

Listen, if any is asking God to revived them again, like they did in the Old Testament, then they are ignorantly asking God to “RETURN JESUS TO THE CROSS AGAIN AND BE CRUCIFIED once more because they have forgotten him and the word of God he brought. Think on this and even re-read it again.

But this is just a small part. There are a lot of things the false church is doing, like standing before and behind an altar when Jesus, the final sacrifice, is over. When people worshiped on mountains and built altars with stones and wanting places to go to worship is over when now we worship within ourselves as intended by Jesus sacrifice and word of God.

These and “revive us again Oh Lord” is all part of the twisted church Satan is running. By the way, “why is it that you never hear anyone beside myself preach of the false church? It’s in the bible! …..Read more truth on my website.