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The Church

False Christmas and Church Pastors lying Again

Is there anything the church not involved into. I am not talking about the building but the people. I speak a lot about how pastors are sending people to hell by the truckloads. Many have no  business teaching.

In fact, this reminds me of a parable….

“There was this man struggling with whether he should become a preacher or not. He stood firm that when the right time came, God would send him a sign. So, he waited! One day as he was walking across his yard, he happens to look up into the heavens or some may say, the sky. There, he saw letters that spelled “GPC”. I finally got my answer, said the man! “GPC” mean for me to “GO PREACH CHRIST.”
He went to the building or church, told his story and allowed to preach, which he made a mess of it. Afterward, while standing outside looking bewildered, a man approached him, and asked , “why look so down?” “The preacher replied, “how could I do so badly, to say all the wrong things!” “God gave me the sign in the sky.”  “It said, “GPC.” “This meant for me to “GO PREACH CHRIST.”

The man exclaimed, “Oh!” “You must have seen the same letter in the sky that I saw.” “It didn’t mean to “go preach Christ.”  It meant  to “GO PLOW CORN.”

Many pastors have misread their positions and here we are today tricked by the devil and tied up into one of the biggest lies that ever been told. “Christmas.” To make it short, they lie about Christ birth and have gotten billions to buy into it. No people! December 25th is not Jesus birthday!.

Many people make up stories to make it so, but there is no one on the face of the earth to prove it. Let me remind you that Jesus is no longer a baby and have not been for well over a thousands years. He is a man! A GOD!

It is foolishness and a shame that people calling himself or herself Christians, and knowing how God the Father hate a liar, would resort to believing and spreading this lie on his Son around the world.

Many, in order to continue to indulge, will say, “we are honoring his birthday and nothing is wrong with it, right or wrong.” “Who’s birthday better to serve than Jesus?”  This is call Justification.

This reminds me of another thought. It’s a seen set in Heaven……

God is sitting on his Throne contemplating his creations through out the universe(s) when suddenly his thought turned toward earth.  He notice what time of years it was seeing the red, Green and colorful lights shimmering through darkness star lighted sky.

As he sits in thought, he leaned back and sent for Jesus. ….

When Jesus approached the Father, He greeted him and asked of his will. God replied, “I see the people on earth are about to celebrate your birthday again“…. “Is there something I don’t know about?”  Jesus said, “no, they are not celebrating my birthday because I was not born on that day.”

God asked, “well, they are doing it for you.”  “Shouldn’t you honor what they are doing for you,“ as to test Jesus.”

Jesus, true to his commitment to God and his word, once again made God smile when he stated. …“If I honor this lie, it would make me a liar, your word a lie and what we wanted for mankind would be based on a lie.”

Then Jesus said, “In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

Then God replied, “Indeed, you are my Son in whom I am well pleased!

This will not mean a thing to most of you, but I am doing my part as a servant. Your pastor, even after reading this will not change nor will most of you….But there is an old saying, “people would rather believe a lie that the truth“…..  But in this case, the lie KILLS…. So true!

CELEBRATE "OMEGA"! The end of the year harvest and blessings. Thanking God for his blessing through out the year.

Yes, enjoy all the lights and cheers, but do it for the right reasons. Give your year end gifts and have a really good time. Just leave out the lie about Jesus. As Christians, tell your kids the truth. Aren't you tired of lying year after year?. Just tell them their gifts are from you because you love them and glad they are with you through out the year and this is what we are thanking God for.

Stop lying about Santa Claus. Besides, you worked to hard to support and get them what they need. Why give the credit to an imaginary figure. Let them no you are the man or woman.... They will LOVE YOU even more.

I've celebrated the "Omega" for the last 10 years and have no regrets. Just enjoyment in the harvest celebration. No one knows the difference except me and mines and now you.

Then share "Omega" with your friends. I did......It's just a mind thing. Enjoy the holidays with them, but know why and what you are really celebrating.

We, as Christians, have to be different, and separate ourselves from the world or die with the world....

Have a cheerful Omega and a happy Alpha.....

Then think about it!