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False Servers of Donald Trump and The False Church

When I speak of the FALSE CHURCH one need to listen. While people seem to think God is a play toy, there are serious actions and events taking place right before your eyes that you are too blind to see.

For someone to keep saying God is doing this and that must not be living in the real world that I live in. Neither have they read the same gospel I read. Or maybe need a bigger pair of eye glasses.

History and life itself disprove any attempts for any body to say God is working in this world. Yet, In the Unites States, people feel and think this is the only country that God dwells in working hard as bringing change, as if this was true.

We see the military and others fighting for us and our lively hoods on earth. But God need no guns if he wanted to stop things! Again, there are to much death and diseases which lie in our past and in our future that know pastor can fix nor heal.

We have been taught false and twisted lies for so long until Satan has taken over most of our minds to the point that truth and common sense cannot be understood and thereby fight against truth.

Satan has place people in your lives, that does nothing but work for him in other areas and through out buildings they call churches for the sole purpose of producing warriors for him to place and spread through out God's few on earth in hopes of destroying just as many souls as he can.

So for, it is and has been working for over a millennium.... Destroy the mind and the body will die.

To give you an example and point to facts that you should be seeing that the children of God should be seeing is how so called Evangelicals from the Republican Party have rallied around Donald Trump. Yes, every major religious organazational so called church from this party believe in Donald Trump.

We as Democrats believe in Hillary Clinton. Yet, the difference is we know the different between how we are suppose to live according to the written word whether we follow all of it or not. At least we know right from wrong such as, foolishness, bigots, liars, hate, shunning and separating people.

Building bridges when we, the Christians, are to carry the gospel to the world, foul mouth nasty attitudes, disrespectful, love and endorse violent and prescribe it, love guns and want to make war, bully other countries and threaten them, dislike for the poor and needed by wanting to do away with social programs, curses with nearly breath, call women names, support the confederate rights to intimidate blacks and I could o on.

Now, lets look at one half of this false church that Democratic Christians fight against. We just taken a look at Donald Trump and the kind of person he is. But here is what the false Republican church say about him.

They say that Donald Trump,"says what they want to say." That "he feel what they feel." That "he is not politically correct and they hate correctness." That Donald Trumps should act and speak like a fool because this sound good to them." All praise to their earthly god.

This side of the false church just endorsed sin in all it's glory. Just gave their lives over to the devil, finally, by supporting the devil's views and his standing bearer Donald Trump.

They turned completely against God and the values Jesus preached for a chance to control the country, the world and the people in it through power, money and self greed.

Yes, these Conservatives and so called Christian Evangelicals are a danger to God and a danger to the world.....

This is what Satan want for them.... To make war..... To destroy the minds of the people that they do well.

You may not want to believe it, but we have fought all ours lives against the Republican Christians, if you want to call them this, for our rights just to belong hundreds of years after much captivity.

God is not and has not fought for our rights. We do this by our vote and our coming out against sinful actions of others.

But then again, you as Democrats or Christians think you are better than them. That some how you can make God do what he never had done. I say, show me! The False church is here!

We vote for Hillary because she, though has her own faults, is not talking the same kind of redirite.

We fight against principalities. Against Satan that is not flesh and blood, whom exist to infest humans. Jesus didn't say he was coming back do this or that for us. But we will do it for him. If he did, he wouldn't need us.

We are the last defense Jesus left behind to continue the fight. Not play games with pretty words. But to carry the true gospel through out all the world.

Yes, look around you real hard and see if you can really see God doing something others say he is suppose to be doing. You will find nothing. Just sounding brasses making loud noises, signifying nothing.

What God did is already done and forever before our faces. It is done. Now you must work in the world he left to us. To accept, change, serve, fight for him and die. Your reward is in the end.

Yes, Republicans have shown their true colors and is given you a clear view of unrighteousness. A split of the church. A false church that has been this way since Revelation of the 7 churches.

There are Christians all over the world, but according to the bible, there are few that will make it in, past and present. I can see why! Think about it!