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The Church
False Church and Altar Worship

Today, false worshipers of divided parties will try  to  pray to what ever God they think is closer to them. For them, this is a day of forgiveness and newness where entering building breath new life and new creation while looking up toward the altar.

Yes, before the altar…. where lambs and other spotless animals shed pure blood.

Spotless animals, they were. They were without diseases. Their blood represented cleanliness and the sweet savor of their blood was pleasing to God.

Altar worship was done away with when Jesus came. He became the pure blood and the sacrificial lamb for our sins. There is nothing else we can do at an altar but do away with what Jesus did. We are only pretending that the altar and those standing behind it is the new Jesus that can take sin on themselves for you.

Not only is Jesus the sacrificial lamb but our sins are forgiven through him and nobody else. The blood he shed is something no one is pay close attention to.

This blood is now the written word of God. Sin is not forgiven because you enter a building before an alter, but because you decided to accept the word of God as a guide in your life. Asked forgiveness.

Accepting to live by the word of God is the only way forgiveness of sin can be accepted by God. All of it and not just pieces of it that suit your personal needs.  You do the best you can in your now growing perfection to better you and those around you…. However, the last say so is God’s at judgment and not by earthly people that say they no they are going to heaven.  No man no such a thing. No man is Paul since Paul to make a statement as he did.

Now! As an accepting vessel of the Lord, your own body become the altar where past sins are done away with and a pure clean vessel, YOU, appear and is offered to God by YOU! You are a separate individual and not a collection of mixture in others. You, from accepting God’s grace make your relationship with God, personal. No matter what big crowd you hang around will not influence God’s thoughts about you.

No one can enter into a relationship with God because they hang with others or find a beautiful building to pretend to worship in. Lets not forget that you are the vessel God is interested in and not a wooded, bricked up vessel, falsely called a church. The church is the people and God has no need of wood buildings.

The church is you, the vessel, the temple, having the art of the covenant, so to speak, the written word of God inside of you and us, now walk a daily life of knowing and sharing and not a set aside day like all the people in ancient days did by coming together to make animal sacrifice for forgiveness of sin before the burning altar. Yet, again, altar worshiping is repeated every time one enter or come together in a building..

With a Christian, fellowshipping is done with other believers when ever and however you may meet each other. These are greetings! Because of one’s speech and character, a true believer recognize the true Spirit in another.

Yes, there are much better people outside the buildings than those that go to these building each Sunday. These are those that long came to the truth from watching those entering the buildings they see every day sinning like crazy that they don‘t want to mingle with them. These outsiders long recognized that those going to these building are no better than they are and will not listen to them, so stay away rightly.

Many outsiders have developed a relationship of  helping, given, sharing and loving while believing in the word of God without sitting in a building doing nothing. Doing nothing is the cause of why and how our country has become so wicked. So many hate filled and divided people pretend to be Christians while altar worshippers often.

Yet, even God recognized that the wheat will be separated from the tares. Many, many will say Lord, Lord but I know them not say the lord.

Yes, many of all kind will rush out to buildings as though it is a safe haven of forgiveness.  It will filled with all kinds of people that will sit in the congregation and look toward the altar, not knowing nor caring that they “mark the shedding of blood by Jesus Christ“. The price for forgiveness has already been paid. The sacrifice upon the altar is no more.

Being told how to act by someone else only prove you are not a Christian. The love of itchy stories and itchy ears is the normal standard for falsely “going to church“. What story will be told today to make me laugh.

My going to hear the music is more likely the truth until some one open their mouth and begin lying.. …. The Bible states, “they claim me, but I know them not, say the Lord“.

Tell me!  What have ”going to the so called Church house,” done for people? Nothing! From ignorance things get worse and worse states the Bible.

What works have you associated with your faith? What is true about your messages to others to change hearts in a few? What are you resisting? Do you entertain without thought or  believe the false stuff that comes out of people mouths or can you recognized truth when you hear it?

I leave you with this truth. God is not interested in a building nor altar worshiping! No such thing as going to church. It is impossible to “go to church.” Think about the different between going to church and you being the church.  Which is right? Which one is you? Think about it!!!