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Weekend Finisher
Easter Jewish Paganism Claimed by Christians

Tomorrow most Christian churches will sadly celebrate Easter Resurrection thinking they are honoring Jesus when the fact remain, there is no such a thing for Christians.

It has always puzzled me to see pastors try so hard to convince others they are doing the will of God but don't even no how to tell the difference between what's right and wrong.

It is no surprise to ride down the highways and spot church signs reading, "come join us for our Easter celebration, public is welcome."

Why, seemingly, well educated pastors,as they pretend to be, have never ever seen in the bible where Jesus shared his resurrection with a rabbit or was buried with brightly colored eggs, but decades after decades continued to preach to innocence people that he did, can only be summed up as super ignorance.

Why can't they see that these are two different names and each stands along?

Easter is an event in itself that represent and celebrate Queen Istar or Ester and Easter, where pagans dressed in new clothes, hide eggs and wear colorful clothing while given gifts and flowers.even eating certain foods and alcoholic drinks.

QUEEN Ester was a Jewish queen married to a ancient Persian king and adopted daughter of Mordecai. She, alone with Mordecai and others in the book of Ester helped free the Jews held behind walls from an impending slaughter by the ancient Persian empire.

This occurred some where around the 15 day of Adar or march. Yes, she was Jewish! The Jews made this a Jewish festival and holiday.

Next, the Resurrection is an event unto itself also. It is a celebration of Jesus rising from the grave. The first born, indicating life after death. Hope in being reborn into immortality to live another kind of life unlike this world.  Where one can find peace, love and never wanting. That's why we serve GOD through Jesus. The Resurrection was set two days after what some call good Friday.

These are two separate events that has nothing to do with each other. The confusion came when both religions became tangled with each other.....

That is, both celebrations was close to each other, like, within 2 weeks. This created arguments. Jews did not like Christians, and still do not today, nor recognized Jesus as their Savior, Messiah, or any one else's savior. So both argued as who's God was more powerful.

Rather then argue with Jews, Christians decided to mingle with them in order to convert them. The same way today they mingle with the world and is losing.

But the Christians was over taken by the joy and festival happening that some smart false Christian leader with power decided to twist and dilute the Resurrection with their Easter traditions. This is called compromising!

In doing so they invented reasons to enjoy both celebration together, but Leaders of the Christian movement needed a way to make Christians followers believe without questioning, as they still do today.

So they compromised and said the egg represented life and death. That the egg was Christ's tomb and the chick represented Christ bursting forth from his tomb to be reborn again. From death to life.

Stripped candy and candy canes became the many stripes Jesus occurred on his body while carrying the cross to be crucified.  Buying new clothes for new life and also red flowers represented Christ blood. The Christian Church believed them and here we are over nearly 1900 years still celebrating the same pagan tradition.

Messed up pastors was just as messed up in late bible days as they are today. People easily compromising with out thought. Going along with anything said and done.

God can't use people that compromise with the world or can't tell the difference from right or wrong. People that go right along with any thing that come out of a leader's mouth.

People are so far gone that they no longer have inner thought. It is as though Satan has blocked all reasoning processes.

What good is such a person to God. HE Certainly couldn't use or trust you with handling anything. You are a bad stock.
any one with a degree or new car can throw you off course.You no God did not allow for Jesus Resurrection to be shared by a rabbit laying a chicken egg. So why keep saying he did by celebrating Easter alone with Jesus death, burial and Resurrection?

So for, the church has done nothing but further the Jewish pagan religion across the world and other traditions of men.

And guess what! The Jews have many pagan holidays, rituals and traditions that has nothing to do with God. And listen to this! ......  Beyond Jesus, their ancient worship in God is in vain. Israel as a whole is heading for hell.

Again, think how many of you will say "Easter" before you say "Resurrection." Easter reign supreme.

The news media boast Easter as a world thing. They are not concern with the Resurrection because they do not want to  upset Jews and Muslims religious faiths against Jesus.

But you, that's supposed to be the salt of the earth, has turned to black pepper. Mixing in, Compromising with out thought. Unable to let the word of God be your guide. No common bible sense. No common Christian sense.

People still today can't shake loose from being lead by the blind. Better start asking questions, because the blind leading the blind will cause both to end up in the ditch. That's bible.

I feel sorry for those still being taught false religion. Especially when I see the many church signs that read, "Easter Resurrection Service here!  I'm constantly given you thought. Unshakeable truth you can't dispute. Why? Because I want to help you help yourself. There is still hope in you and them.

You must help me to help them. So many has gone on with no hope and many more will follow. Don't be denied your hope because you didn't listen, you didn't think. you don't care. You think about it!