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Why do Pastors insist Easter is part of the Resurrection?

For twenty years I’ve  been speaking out against false Churches pretending to care about Christ and his Church (meaning people) having no impact on them at all.  They continue their blasphemous mixing of Queen Ishtar , the ancient Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, sex and war with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Even more messed up is how the so called saved pastors and members of their flock continue to believe God had it planned that Jesus would share his Resurrection with a rabbit that lays spotted eggs and the spotted eggs.

The Bible say the truth will set you free. It also say that people would rather believe a lie than the truth. Well, this is true from all the Church signs advertising Easter and rabbit egg hunts planned. Even their services planned. Remember, these services are call “ Easter Resurrection.”

In other words, most of the so-called Church actually believe there was a dead rabbit and rotten eggs placed along side the body of Jesus , wrapped in the Shroud all together then all placed inside the tomb together. The Church actually believed that this was a requirement ordained by God.

Yes, the false Church of today believe that Jesus  and the rabbit along with the rotten eggs was given life together. That the angel roll the bolder from the cave to let them out together. That Mary Magdalene ran to tell the disciples that Jesus, the rabbit and the eggs has risen from the grave and represent our resurrection and the resurrection of all animals and all rotten things.

They also believe that the Queen of sex and all kind of filth, none other than Queen Ishtar, represent the sexual side of Jesus and command her respect as the goddess of such thereby honoring her with a royal name of “Easter.”

The Church believe in Ishtar  “Easter” so much that goddess Ishtar ‘Easter” is  honored in name before Jesus. All Churches and members call this day ‘The Easter Resurrection” given more glory to the resurrection of Ishtar “Easter” queen of filth, than Jesus. In fact, it leaves Jesus out all together, and to the lest, make him second to Ishtar ‘Easter.”

This may sound funny to you but the truth is that most Church people are confused and doesn’t know the different or dare to care what the different is between Ishtar “Easter” and the Resurrection of Jesus.

But now I will again declare that any one calling themselves Christians, and this include mainly the twisted pastors,  and holding Easter services in their Churches are indeed blaspheming God, the Holy Spirit and are liars. I mean anyone, no matter your standing,

It’s not just this day or the day coming but other days celebrated through tradition that God told you to stay away from. But when one get so involved into something they enjoy, the world, this God they say they love and obey so much is thrown out the window. 

But it’s about what you want. Then the next day  it’s back to pretending again like you are all it and nothing happened. This goes on and on and on. But guess what? You are not worth Heaven because you can’t tell the difference between what is right and wrong and you don’t care.

Think about what I just said about the Church and about how the church has completely soiled the Resurrection of Christ with the mixing of Ishtar “Easter.”

Church people have to believe the Easter scenario  I just gave or why else would they continue to celebrate Ishtar “Easter.”? Why would they continue to do it even when told, shown and proven they are wrong? Once again, they don’t care.

Do this for me. As you ride past Churches take a look and read their Church signs. Easter and egg hunts are plastered on nearly all of them. You’ll remember that something is wrong with the teaching there.

Ask your pastor and people you no, that say they are Christians, why they celebrate Easter when Christ would not? I’ll bet (figure of speech) they will justify an answer.

But you now know the truth. Use your common sense and you will see that there is something wrong with these Churches and those pretending to be teachers in them.

Why isn’t there a difference between the world and Church people. There isn’t. They both celebrate and enjoy the same things.

Do you know what is so sad about it all. It will continue. It will be continued by you. By pastors. By Churches.  By friends. By parents and the nation. I sincerely hope you will be a voice for me and yourself. You know the truth. So what are you going to do about it?

For more truth visit my website and your eyes and understanding will surely be open even more. Read more on Easter at www. And while you’re there, Think about it!

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