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The Democratic Party is letting this campaign run closer than it should be with all the ammunition it has available to it against Donald Trump. Democrats are allowing Donald Trump to control the media with his out of control rants that the average voter can counter and counter with an impact.

Yet, no one in the party will constantly slam Donald Trump, but sit with news commentators and act like they can’t think of one thing to say against what Donald Trumps representatives say.

For example: Republicans call Hillary Clinton NOT TRUST WORTHY,  but with all the stuff Donald Trump has done in ripping people off, shouldn’t he also be call NOT TRUST WORTHY.

However, Democrats allow this phrase to be used on Hillary only and not reverse it back on Donald Trump. This should be stated over and over just as Republicans does.

We should say Donald Trump is NOT TRUST WORTHY and is a TREMENDOUS LIAR and continue to say all the way until November.

Another such big advantage is to constantly align Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin as a TRAITOR. Not only Donald Trump but the Republican Party that has also turned against the United States and Constitution by praising a Russian leader and hackers of our Democratic National Committee mail system.

Democrats should align Republicans with Russia and never stop calling them TRAITORS no matter how much they deny it or what investigation show. This is what Republicans does and the same should be done to them.

When Donald Trump tells Russia it was good to hack of our security systems by a foreign government, this is TREASON. He should be SHOT and not LOCKED UP. Democrats should state this every time they are in the media.

It is proof also that Donald Trump did borrow money from Russia to finance one of his businesses and has dealings in Russia. Democrats need to stop laughing and get serious. Mention this over and over and in every media setting.

Donald Trump should be labeled a TRAITOR and charged by the government with TREASON then SHOT if he has a direct role in the hacking. He mention what he would do in the old days, then shoot him as we did for a trader in the old days.

The rest of the party that follow him should be labeled TRAITORS! Shout it and never stop it!

A TRAITOR is worst than any EMAIL!

Political correctness will cause the Democratic Party, if they don’t get their head out of the sand and fight back, to lose the election. Think about it!