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The Church
Donald Trump, The Church And Minority Tricks

Trump thinks that minorities are fools. He think he can pretend like he’s a changed man  blacks and minorities will trust him. Trusting Trump is like sticking you head into an hungry alligator’s mouth with a slab of gazelle meat on top and trust the alligator won‘t chop. You can’t a liar!

What’s worst is that he want black and Spanish Democrats to leave Hillary and vote along with the Ku Klux Klan and skin heads so as to cut our own throats.

He already have black Republican pastors and other black Republicans acting like he‘s the best thing since they worked in the master kitchen. They think the KKK is just invoking their Constitutional Rights and nothing wrong with believing and voting the same views as they because they are right.

In Charlotte, Trump had two clown sisters dressed like idiots and looking like Ringling Brothers circus freaks telling an all white audience, that Donald Trump loves blacks and Spanish people.

They said that Democratic blacks and Spanish people are lying on Donald Trump because Mr. Trump will be so goooodd to them. They were a disgrace to minorities through out the country.

Then here comes two black pastors talking with their heads up the seat of trump’s pants both having on imaginary white hoods talking the same things. Why any one would have them as pastors show just how small and stupid people are that follow and listens to them.

But, let’s not forget the mighty Republicans Churches and leaders that’s endorsing Trump. They to, believe in and vote the same as the racist in their party, despite the bible is against his folly.

Can you imagine Jesus being in the same party and accept the same views as the KKK. If so, there are no chance for the rest of us. We’re had it!

Republican church leaders are forming around Trump and see him as a type of savior that can return the country back to the good ole days when they, the church, held blacks as slaves and friendly whites as nigger lovers both taking out an hanged openly.

This side of religion, ruled by the Evangelical Church on the right, want to so called take the country back and rule the world with an IRON HAND and WEAPONS of intimidation. God, Gun’s and Glory Oh thank you Lord!

Their type of church cares for no one or nations except the nation they are in, USA. Kill and destroy every one else by the threat of the gun is their motto.

They twist God’s words into meaning the church are to isolate and separate from other people and nations rather that meet, greet, love, teach and make peace like Jesus taught. They are the other half of the false church.

Donald Trump rustles  up the right crowd and groups to pull for him. But the crowd he’s put together, I want no part of. The majority of Blacks and Spanish people want no parts of them either.

He may pretend to change, but we know that what is in him has already come out. We know he meant what he said. Now that he see himself slipping, he now want the same people he talk about and against to vote for him because he will be good to us. This sound like we are animals and he‘s rubbing our heads like we are fools.

Trump remind me of the antichrist, talking all sweet and great things, even changing a few spots until he get into office, then all hell brakes loose. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina did the same thing with his fake smile to get him in office.

I say to Trump, “you may change your under ware, but it want make blacks and Spanish voters change our minds of you“. You are unhinged, unsteady, unready, and untrustworthy.

By the way! Saying one regret something is not apologizing or saying they are sorry. Trump just regret having so many people call him out on it. He’s still TRUMP!!!